sad love story between two characters, starts with a back flash, hope you like it. i am still working on it. please help me come up with a title


2. one


She sat in her room, silently staring out of the window, tears falling gracefully down her pale white check, and landing harshly on the pages of a letter, a love letter she held in her elegant hands, her small boney fingers gripped the pages of the letter. Her tears stained the inked up ages, words became unreadable but she knew what they said. This wasn’t the first time she had read the letter, but reading it over and over again wasn’t going to change anything. She couldn’t change the past, no one can.  She’s just helpless and lost. The spark that once drove her to live her life has been destroyed.       

     It had been more than a month and she still felt the emptiness that was hidden inside her heart. She was sick of faking a smile at work, acting like the same old happy Leila, but she felt as if that was impossible now. Her routine was simple and boring it didn’t excite her, like it used to, she knew that at the end of the day she would see Gabe, but that wasn’t the case anymore. He was gone and she knew she would never see him again. The life they had planned together wasn’t going to come true, the long nights spent sitting in front of each other on her double bed, gazing into each other eyes telling each other stories and imagining their life together. They were the couple that was meant to last, that were meant to be childhood sweethearts, the ones with the life style that is only shown in films, with the white picket fence, in the suburban neighborhood, each with their own perfect family and household pet. That was how it was meant to turn out. But that was never going to come true. Not now. Not ever. Her dreams of becoming his wife and the mother to his children were over.


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