I have an epiphany, I also have a new kitten. Both of these things have inspired me to write. Hello Simon!


1. I rushed this.


I always hated the word ugly

I found it hard to really describe anything as ugly,

and by that logic I decided to myself I didn't like the word beautiful because surely if something couldn't be ugly, it couldn't really be beautiful either?

I don't know, it made sense at the time.  


I used to hate it when people described pain as beautiful or the like

pain isn't beautiful, neither is depression

what is beautiful is the strength to say "I'm going to try again"

its not the pain, or the misery, or the tragedy its the strength that is beautiful.

I called something ugly the other day and I meant it

though it went against everything I believed.


Ugly is when someone has completely given up on everything, including themselves.

Its when they do not want the strength to go on, and don't want to be happy.

Its somebody who has allowed them self to become completely destroyed and justifies it.  


As long as you are trying,

as long as you have the strength to care about people and wanting to go on you are beautiful.

Strength is beauty.

I used to think I wasn't doing so well in life and I wasn't reaching my full potential.

But I am trying.

You, keep trying.

There is always something to try for.

Do not surround yourself with negative people.

Do not surround yourself with people who don't give a shit about you.

You have strength, you are beautiful.

Don't ever let yourself be ugly.

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