my life of boxing

my life is boxing, boxing is my life. It's where I can escape the world and forget all my troubles. Am I good enough to face the greatest boxer though? Join me on my adventure to find out.


1. about me

       hi my name is palmer nickey palmer and i love boxing it is truley amazing it is where i can excape fron the real world and let all my egrestion out and fear everything around me involves boxing it's where i can leave all my troubels on the doorstep. i creat my own charachter in the ring it makes me feel inportent and special.

i am 15 years old i go to crab cademy nd i am one oof the coolist guys in my year great i am in all thev top stets in school but no one calles me a geek becouse no one dare mess with me. i have got the best girlfreind she is about 6 foot blond slim bright blue eye she is awesome she is in ll my lessons apart from zack ack higgings he has always tried to make me gelius he has always wanted to go out with her but she alway says no he is the bigist bully in the hole school everyone hates him apart from his buddys blake and steven blake white and steven white blake and steven r brothers there both tools in all the dum set's just like zack.

zak is a boxer two he always thinks he can beat me but we had a match the other day after school i was in the red corner an he was in the black and sudenley the bell goes ding ding ding  he stroles towords me he goes for a right hook then a left a doge both and giv him a jab to the eye he stumbel's and i hit him five times as hard as i can in the stomach and  give a masive right hook it takes him off his feet he goes down like a bag off bricks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  he getes up tries to do a left jab to the jaw i duck and giv him a right hook to the ribs he bounces off the ropes into the corner and falls 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 he treis to get up and falls straight back down and he his nocked out ding ding ding and your winner 2x champion nickey palmer i couldent belive it ever since that he hasent come  near me ha scerdy cat.




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