Where's My Prince?

The title says it all. :)


1. Where's My Prince?


I’ve been just waiting around 

For my prince to come.

No luck so far finding him.  


I keep seeing him in my

Mind , but yet I have no idea who he is.  


He’s been in my dreams, but I

Can never see his face.

It’s just a blur. Just an image.  


At times I just think he’s

Just been imagined by me, but

Other times I think he’s really

Out there waiting for me.  


I’ve always wondered, “ Where’s 

My prince?”  


He’s out there somewhere. I just

Need a sign pointing me in the

Correct direction to go.  


I know I’ll find him someday,

But when? Where? How?  


I’m tired of just waiting, but patience

Is key.  


Where’s my prince?  

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