Christina Stitches

There is a all of us... she lives, eats, talks, dies, just like us... but she has a different way of how she was created. She was hand-made... using needles and thread. After years of being bullied, her mother took her out of school, but now she has decided to get to a boarding school...filled with normal people.


1. Of how Christina came to be

I'm walking towards a house. I'm carrying a basket, containing a child. The child cried. I stroked the little thing, making shushing noise to it. It finally went to sleep, as we neared the house. I left her on the doorstep and rang the doorbell, before fleeing to the nearby trees. The door opened and a pretty looking girl came to the door. She looked down at the child and took her in. I didn't trust her, so I snuck to the side of the house, to a window and looked inside.


The woman, placed my child on the floor, as she went towards a table. Laying on it was a girl, dead and stitched. I gasped. The woman pulled a switch and laughed as lightning filled the room, before turning it off. She went back to the table and groaned. The girl was still still and motionless. The woman turned to my baby, before screeching. She had killed it. My child was dead! The woman rushed to it, and sat crying. She stayed like that for ten long minutes before she seemed to get an idea. With tears still in her eyes, the woman cut the child into pieces.



Twelve hours later the woman pulled the switch again, and to her joy, the baby became alive again. Stitches covered her body. The woman, picked up the baby and smiled.

'My little girl, my Christina.' She said, hugging the baby close. I grimaced at her sick thought and ran. I ran as far as I could, then feel to my knees gasping... she had made my baby into a creature... a stitched up doll.

'Oh, Mellisa*.'






*More 'bout this at end of book :)

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