Sun, Sand & One Direction

Lucy West was determined to try to find love this summer.
She was going on holiday with her parents. She hadn't had a family holiday since she was 14. She was now 17.
Does she find something other than love? Read on to find out!

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12. Press Play. (Harry's POV)

We all went into our bedrooms to put our pyjamas on. I think the boys were more comfortable now, after knowing Lucy a lot more because they were just roaming around in boxers. I would have walked around naked, like I usually do, but that may not be the best idea, so I pulled on my fresh boxers and left Lucy to get dressed.

I went back into the main room and reserved myself and Lucy a place on the sofa. Actually, I reserved the whole sofa so that me and Lucy could just cuddle. Then Louis came in, he sat on the bean bag in the corner. Next, Liam came in and sat on the mini chair next to Louis. Then Niall and Zayn walked in and sat on the floor.

Finally, Lucy came out. She was dressed in a pastel pink vest top and hot pink shorts and white slippers. The shorts had cute cat patterns on them. I loved them. She looked adorable.

She instantly realised that I had saved her a seat next to me so she came skipping towards me and bundled onto my lap. I held her close. I forgot to get some blankets for us all so I apologized for making Lucy have to move and went into the spare room to grab 6 blankets.

When I went back into the main room, I chucked one at Louis, one at Liam, 2 near Niall and Zayn and then went back to Lucy.

I sat down and she wrapped 2 blankets over us both. She gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek.

"Press Play then. We dont wanna sit watching a blank screen." Louis joked and the movie began.

Lucy leant over and layed her head on my lap. I sat stroking her hair and her face. Her hands were locked into mine.

About half way into the movie, Love Actually, I realised that Lucy had fallen into a deep sleep. She was dreaming. Her nose was twitching and her eyelids were fluttering. She was so cute! She rolled over and her face was facing up to me, but she was still fast asleep.

I carried her into my bedroom, carefully, silently, shutting the door behind me. I carried her onto my bed and pulled the covers over her body. I slipped in next to her. I wrapped my arms around her and moved a strand of hair from her face. She twitched and I could tell she was about to wake up. 'Cr**' I thought.

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