Sun, Sand & One Direction

Lucy West was determined to try to find love this summer.
She was going on holiday with her parents. She hadn't had a family holiday since she was 14. She was now 17.
Does she find something other than love? Read on to find out!

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15. Open Your Eyes (Lucy's POV)

After getting ready we leapt into the car. Harry had packed a picnic for us so this just made me even more excited for where we were going.

"Harry where are we going? I have no clue where we are, I've never been here before." I said as we were on the road out of town.

"I dont know where we're going either." Harry replied. I could tell he was joking because his lips twitched as he was trying to keep laughter in.

"Ha Ha. Very funny!" I responded, but I couldnt help laughing. We were both just laughing at nothing and talking. I lost track of time and realised we were at or near this Mystery Place.

"Close your eyes." Harry said. He walked around the car to get the picnic basket and to help me out of the car. "Keep your eyes closed at ALL times." Harry demanded.

I could feel him leading me up a slope.

I heard bees buzzing around me, birds singing in the trees, the faint flapping of birds' wings, the long grass stroking my legs as we walked, leaves gently rustling on the trees surrounding us, the gentle, Spanish breeze tickling my face and body. 

I could tell he was trying to hold back laughter as I stumbled over rocks and tree roots.

"I think I'm going to crawl up this Harry." I joked.

"No need, get on my back you wimp." He laughed in a joking manner. I stumbled around onto Harry's back with my eyes still closed.

After a couple of minutes, Harry stopped.

"Harry, what are we doing? Why have we stopped?" I asked, confused and wanting to open my eyes.

"Open your eyes and you will see." He said. I opened my eyes.

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