Sun, Sand & One Direction

Lucy West was determined to try to find love this summer.
She was going on holiday with her parents. She hadn't had a family holiday since she was 14. She was now 17.
Does she find something other than love? Read on to find out!

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21. Kiss And Tell (Harry's POV)

I heard Lucy say goodnight to her parents and I suddenly got excited. I heard her knock on the door and I ran to open it.

"Hey babe!" I greeted her, enthusiastically.

"Hey!" she replied, pulling off her heels.

"How was dinner?" I asked as she walked in and sat down.

"It was good thanks, I'll tell you more once I put my pyjamas on!" she giggled and skipped into my bedroom.


After she got changed she ran back to me and sat on the sofa. I walked and sat next to her.

"So, how was dinner?" I asked again and she laughed.

"It was good. My parents have plans for these next 5 weeks so basically, i'm all yours!" she flirted.

"All mine?" I asked and my eyes lit up. She laughed.

"Yes Harry. I'm all yours!" she giggled.

"I like that idea." I said.

"Save it for bed Harry." she joked. "Anyway, my parents think it's great that im going on tour with you all!" she continued.

"I think it's great that you're going on tour." I said.

"Anyway... Where abouts in London do you live?" she asked me and I told her my address. She added it to her phone book.

"Thanks! I live down the road from you actually." she said, excitedly.

"You can visit and stay with me whenever you want. I live on my own now so..." I said. She laughed.

"Sounds good to me! How long is the UK and Ireland Tour?" she asked me.

"Umm... about 6 and a half months I think. Also, I'm gonna take you to meet my family in Cheshire." I said. Her eyes shone brighter, she obviously liked the thought of meeting my parents. My parents will love her.

"Hmmm... 6 months with you and 4 other boys? How will I cope?" she joked.

"Hey! I'm keeping my eyes on you. It is my duty to keep you safe. And, when we are near your parents, we can visit them!" I replied.

Lucy yawned so I decided we should go to bed.

"You ready for bed?" I asked.

"Yes." she simply replied, and I picked her up and carried her into my room.

I shut the door silently behind us and I placed her carefully on my bed. I pulled the covers around her and began to undress. I stripped down until I was just in boxers and crawled in next to her.

She turned to face me and I shuffled closer to her. I began to pull her on top of me.

"Na, a, ahh! Not tonight babe. You tired me out today." she laughed.

"But you said save it for bed. So thats what i'm doingggg." I pouted but she just laughed. "At least let me kiss you." I pleaded.

"O-" she started to say but I wouldnt let her finish.

I crashed my lips against hers. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer to me. I felt her laugh against my lips and she tangled her fingers in my hair. I licked her lips, asking for entry. She opened her mouth and my tongue glided into her mouth and her tongue slipped into my mouth. Her hand slid down my body, feeling everywhere on my body and my hands reached up her pyjama top, stroking her stomach- nothing else. After what felt like hours, we pulled apart for breathe.

"Do you tell the boys after we kiss or do something?" she asked me breathlessly.

"Of course not! They usually hear it to be honest. I mean, look at you, you cant keep your hands off me." I teased.

"You are completely right, I cant. Im too in love with you to let you go. You, Mr Styles, are under my control." she replied.

"A true gentleman, wont Kiss And Tell." I said and she layed her head on my chest and we dropped to sleep.

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