Sun, Sand & One Direction

Lucy West was determined to try to find love this summer.
She was going on holiday with her parents. She hadn't had a family holiday since she was 14. She was now 17.
Does she find something other than love? Read on to find out!

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20. Dinner (Lucy's POV)

After getting ready, I kissed Harry goodbye. I left room 510 and strutted to my room. I knocked and my parents were ready.

We walked to the lift and went down to the ground floor. We entered the restraunt.


"I'll have a diet coke and a spaghetti carbonara please." I said to the waitress. My parents ordered their drinks and food and we were alone.

"So sweetie. Did the boys tell you about going on their tour?" Mum asked.

"Yes! I cant believe it. Thankyou SO much for letting me go." I grinned, excited.

"Good! They seem really nice lads. They promised they would take care of you." Mum said and we both laughed. "So tell me about your day with Harry." she continued.

"Well, he took me to the most beautiful place I have EVER seen. It was in the Spanish mountains. Very exquisite and picturesque. There was a lake there and it was so distant, no-one else was anywhere near us and we went to this island and ate a picnic and talked. Then we went to a really closed off, safe area and swam and..." I said and didnt want to have to finished the next part.

"And kissed?" Mum continued the sentence for me.

"Maybe...?" I said, looking at my drink.

Our dinner arrived and I decided we should probably change the topic. Think fast Lucy.

"So Dad, where are you and Mum going tomorrow?" I asked. Pleased with my quick thinking.

"We are going sightseeing. Anywhere around Spain. We may be back quite late so you can stay at Harry's again. You probably were anyway." he laughed. "You can spend the whole holiday with Harry and the boys Lu, you dont have to keep asking us, y'know." Dad continued.

"Yeah, but I just feel guilty." I replied, sheepishly.

"Don't be stupid. Your mum and I have plans arranged for these next 5 weeks anyway." Dad responded.

"Thankyou. Thankyou both of you!" I said and hugged my parents.

We all finished dinner and I checked my phone. It was 10.30pm.

"Ready to go Lu?" Dad asked me.

"Yeah, sure!" I replied.

We payed and walked back to the elevator. I pushed the button for floor 5 and we stood in silence.

The doors opened and we stepped out. I stopped at the door to room 510.

"Text us next time. You dont have to come visit us every day Lu and before you ask, course we arent mad!" Mum laughed.

"We love you!" Mum and Dad both called.

"Love you too! Night!" I replied and knocked on the door.

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