Sun, Sand & One Direction

Lucy West was determined to try to find love this summer.
She was going on holiday with her parents. She hadn't had a family holiday since she was 14. She was now 17.
Does she find something other than love? Read on to find out!

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22. 5 Weeks Later (Lucy's POV)

I slept every night in Harry's hotel room. My parents didnt mind at all, as long as I sent them a text everyday.

Unfortunately, myself and the boys were leaving today. I squeezed all my clothes back into my suitcase and zipped it up. I sat on my bed and went into a daze of thoughts.

"Lucy! Get your breakfast!" I heard Harry shout, breaking me from my train of thoughts.

"Coming!" I replied and leapt off the bed. I ran into the main living room and pounced on Harry's back. He laughed and I jumped off. He turned around and kissed my nose, then my lips.

"Morning beautiful." He greeted me.

"Morning babe!" I grinned.

"Are you all packed?" he asked me.

"Indeedy!" I laughed and he passed me my pancakes. He had prepared them just the way I like them, lemon juice and sugar. YUM! He had cut the pancakes into heart shapes.

"Harry!" I laughed.

"What?" he said, puzzled.

"You're so sweet!" I giggled.

"I know." he joked and gave me a warm, topless hug.

I sat down and ate all my pancakes and sipped on a glass of milk. Then the boys came in.

"Morning Lucyy!" they all greeted me.

"Hey guys! Whats up?" I asked.

"We've just come to tell you ALL the details." Liam said.


"Well, you have 2 weeks to spare in London. In that time, we will be recording in the studio and our phones will have to be on silent so we may not answer texts or calls straight away. But, after those 2 weeks, on the Monday, we meet at the studio at 10AM and head to our first arena and location. We will text you the address for the studio. You will be sharing hotel rooms with Harry obviously soo... is that everything?" Liam said.

"Yup!" Niall said.

"Ok! We're gonna have to leave in 15 minutes guys so i'm gonna get my suitcase and head to my parents. I will meet you in the entrance at 9.55am to say 'goodbye' and 'see you soon' and that. K?" I confirmed.

"Okayy! See you then! Love youu babe!" Harry called. I ran to get my suitcase and scurried out of the door. I knocked on my parents room.

"Hey Mum! We need to meet the boys at 9.55am down at the entrance so are we ready?" I asked.

"Almost. We're just making sure we haven't left anything." My Dad called.

I stood at the door waiting for my parents to hurry up. I stared at the clock. It was already 9.50.

"We're ready!" Dad exclaimed and I lead us down to the entrance.

The boys were already at the entrance and the moment Harry saw me he ran and gave me a huge hug and kiss, his eyes were red, like he'd been crying.

"Whats up?" I asked, worried.

"2 weeks away from you, how will I cope?" he laughed.

"It's only 2 weeks. Then you have me for 6 and a half months!" I giggled.

"Looking forward to that!" he flirted. I laughed.

"Are you all ready then?" My Dad asked. The boys were going to follow my parents and I in their car.

"Yes!" all the boys said and we headed to the cars.

"See you in 20minutes at the airport!" I laughed. We got in the taxi and the taxi driver began to drive, carefully making sure the boys were following us.


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