The One I Love

Katie's parents send her off to London for a year with her best friend Annie
One night the girls sneak into a privet party at a club.
When the next day something happens and and everything changes.


1. The Next Morning

The sound of the music shook the streets of London. Lights were flashing from the windows, I could vaguley hear the sound of laughter here and there. I looked at Annie and I could tell by her face that she was longing to go inside just as bad as I was. We walked up to the front door, as i guessed there was a sign posted on the front.. 'VIP ONLY'. We knew we weren't suppose to go in there but it wouldnt be out first time sneaking into a party like this. Annie reached for the handle. It turned and the door flew open. I was surprised that there wasn't some big guy standing there with a list like there always seemed to be. We cautiously walked into the club that was so alive with energy. That's all that I could remember, now Im laying here, naked,  next to some boy, who seemed about my age. I was a little confused, as anyone would be. I rubbed my eyes a little and saw i was laying on the boys chest. I blinked a couple of times and now my vision was clear. That's when i saw them... not two, not three but four nipples. That only made me more confused then I moved my head off of the boys chest which woke him up. His eyes slowly opened but when he saw that he was staring into another set of eyes, I could tell he was just as confused as I was. Thats when it hit me. That was Harry. Harry Styles. The world wide famous teenage heart throb from the band, One Direction. Did i really sleep with Harry Styles last night? Then my thoughts were interrupted by a deep voice.. "Who are you? What are we doing.. what happened last night?!" So many questions were spilling out of his perfect mouth and I wish i could answer him but all i said was ... "I'm Katie.. and I have no clue"

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