The One I Love

Katie's parents send her off to London for a year with her best friend Annie
One night the girls sneak into a privet party at a club.
When the next day something happens and and everything changes.


2. Don't go

"Well hello there katie... sorry if i sounded rude before i just am a little bit confused." Harry said as both of us sat up in bed.
"Don't worry about it, I think we are both equally confused.." I laughed. The way he stared at my lips when i talked made me crazy. His messy curls fell over his beautiful green eyes. I quickly snapped out of it. I wasnt gonna be like every other stupid girl that sleeps with a guy and then believes he is the one, especially with Harry Styles. He could get any girl he wanted, I didnt have a chance, why would i get my hopes up. Suddenly i heard a creak in the floor bored i grabbed onto the blanket that was shielding my naked body and covered my self up more than i already was. Harry laughed, "Whats wroung babe..?" He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me in close. With out full awareness i rested my head on his shoulder. "Im fine." I managed to say. He laughed. I loved the sound of his laugh it was like a deep chuckle. No. I told my self. Don't do this. Stop. I picked my head up and started to get out of the bed. Then Harry grabbed my arm. He was gentle. But he had a firm grip on me. "Where are you going love?" he said sounding like a lost puppy dog. "Well, im gonna get some clothes on and get on home.." I hesitated. He looked at me with those stunning green eyes and seemed to whimper... "Don't go."
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