A diary of 17 year old Latoya Robles and her romance life with Hugo Gonzales and Dante Marcii- New guy from Itlay... who will she choose? (this story is not for younger audience)


1. opening

Day 1: 19/05/2005

Hi :) my name's Latoya Robles I'm 17 and I can't wait till I'm 18! only got 4 months to go!! the joy of being 18 :D

I had a tough day at college today though, my teachers are putting so much pressure on me and I don't think I can handle it anymore... Thank goodness I have Hugo (my super hot and loving boyfriend) he always calms me down and knows what's good for me and what's not. Life's tough in this heat in Spain. Yeah I'm from Albacete: the coast of Spain. I have been visiting Madrid few times but unfortunately I'm not from there if you were wishing that. 

You were probably wondering why I'm bothered starting a diary, I'm bothered because I want to read it back to myself when I'm an old grandma and I want the best memories to rush through my head when I read this diary when it's finished. 

As you can see my English is pretty good because my mum's an English teacher here in Albacete, and I've been learning English since I can remember. 

Anyways I'm under a lot of pressure because my teachers AND MY MUM want to squeeze the best grades out of me when I leave college and I hate it :@

I love my boyfriend Hugo Gonzales, he's so sweet! He's a year and 8 days older than me and I think he's just perfect. he's not from Albacete though, he's from Valencia: the coast of Spain and moved to Albacete when he was 13.

We went to the same school and that's how we met each other; we started going out when I was 15 and he was 16. It was such a beautiful day we walked by a water fountain in a park and sat down on a bench on a sunny afternoon, after school and we was talking about the usual shit we always used to talk about but at the end he said he needs to know something and gave me the longest kiss I have ever had! I will never forget it. but as soon as he finished kissing me he walked away without saying anything which surprised me, not as much as the kiss though.

the next day we met in school; I asked him what was the kiss about as he kissed me AGAIN and said he had a huge crush on me and wanted to ask me out.... I was so surprised but so happy at the same time. 

I honestly never thought we would end up together, but I believe in fate... Do you?


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