A diary of 17 year old Latoya Robles and her romance life with Hugo Gonzales and Dante Marcii- New guy from Itlay... who will she choose? (this story is not for younger audience)


2. Day 2: 20/05/2005

I've been with Hugo for long enough to not have done anything with him. He was the one who took my virginity two months ago....

It was a normal day but without school because we had a week off yet my parents still went work- my mum got paid more for spending extra hours in school and dad didn't have any holiday at the time.

Me and Hugo went to a shop to buy some food for a lunch together at my house, the shop was two streets from my house which wasn't far. It started pouring as soon as we went out of the shop so I asked Hugo if we can stay here until the rain calms but he gave me a cheeky smile and said no; he took my hand tightly and quickly and ran with me to my house- that was really crazy and I couldn't stop laughing at what Hugo made me do!

we briskly ran in my house as it got dark and cloudy, we rushed in and put the shopping bags down in the kitchen. Hugo went to the living room as I followed then he just sat down on a chair, so I decided to be cheeky and sit on top of him facing him and put my legs around his waist and made out for a couple of minutes- we couldn't stop moaning as he kept his hands on my thighs and mine around his neck. 

I could start feeling his bulge from his pants as he broke from the kiss and said "you gotta stop doing this to me, I cannot control myself when I'm with you." as he got me off from his lap, took my hand and rushed upstairs to my bedroom. 

Once we were in my room, he started to take my clothes off and left me in my lingerie then, he started kissing around my neck-he always knew the places that turned me on the most.I unbuttoned his tee, he had the perfect abs-they looked even more tanned  because of the cloudy weather, his abs was perfect! not that muscular but fit!.

I pushed him on the bed and I kissed him down to his waist then, unzipped his trousers and start kissing him again, his moans really turned me on. I put my legs around him  and I was in heaven because I kept looking into his sky-blue eyes and kissing him without breaks. Then he rolled and took himself on top and started to kiss me around my neck as he started to tease me rubbing his hard on to my soft fabric lingerie feeling it soaked made him wait no more as he took my knickers off and I took his boxers off and then he started to ride. Harder and faster every time,  then I couldn't handle it, I got to feel my first ever orgasm as his orgasm followed right after mine and then he kissed me.

We laid on the bed for a a few minutes as he looked at the time and rushed saying his parents were expecting him to be home an hour ago.

So that's how he took my virginity, surprised yet?

and since then we've gotten closer than ever to each other. 



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