Lovely pain

17 year old Paris is a normal teenager, other than the fact that her parents ALWAYS travel. She practically lives alone. But when a new boy moves into town and into her science class, she can't help but feel attracted to him, whiched made her be annoyed by him. Walking around as if he owns the world. But is their a secret that will change how she sees the world? Will she believe or run?


4. Too close

Paris's perspective**

         I tried not to stare. Really, but it was hard. His perfect features seemed almost.... Too perfect? His light green eyes scanned the hall and made eye contact with me, recognishion flashed across his gorgeous eyes. But they were gone as fast as they appeared. Did I imagine it? Yes, I probably did, he can't possibly be the guy from my dream, can he? He was walking closer and I started to panic. I quickly started fidgeting with my lock. But I could still feel his eyes on me. I heard his footsteps, they were getting closer and closer by the second. Until he finally reached the locker next to me. I glanced at Barbara, but she was just wiggling her eyebrows and gave me the " ooh la la " look and I couldn't help but to chuckle a little bit.

     Big mistake. He slowly turned his head while I pretended to open my lock, but I seriously didn't know what the combo even was. I felt his stare and looked up to him. Wow, he was slightly taller than me and all the thoughts in my head vanished when I looked at his eyes. His face was just like the dream, was I dreaming? I gave myself a little pinch. He cocked his amazingly beautiful head to the side questionably.
   " um.... Hehe..." was all I could say. I was in a little state of shock. " nice one " I thought and mentally face palmed myself.  

     " Hello to you too, " he said in a rich velvety voice.

     " hi?" I said. Ugh, I'm a mess.

     " My name's Daniel, and yours is?" he asked softly.

    " Name is Paris Lynn Bradly" I said. My full name? Thanks brain. Suddenly, I could feel a million eyes on me. I started to get paranoid that my side braid had had brown hairs sticking out in all directions. He smiled warmly, got his books out of the locker and left simple as that but every move he made, made me realize his attitude. He acted as if he was greater than everyone and it began bugging her. Her eyes trailed behind him as he swiftly made a turn and disappeared.

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