Lovely pain

17 year old Paris is a normal teenager, other than the fact that her parents ALWAYS travel. She practically lives alone. But when a new boy moves into town and into her science class, she can't help but feel attracted to him, whiched made her be annoyed by him. Walking around as if he owns the world. But is their a secret that will change how she sees the world? Will she believe or run?


9. The party that made my day....

****Paris's P.O.V*****



           I got up and ran out the door. Clumsily tripping over my feet. I almost landed on my face once, but I scrambled back up. Why am I so awkward? Great just great, the slightest probability of him actually likening me is gone. I ran up to the car to find Barbara their-- thank god! But before I was going to jump inside Barbara raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Huh?" she was looking at someone behind me. I spun around only to meet the face of Daniel

"Heyyy......" I said weirdly. I thought I lost him when I took an unexpected turn to the left... Hmm. Barbara came out of the car. 

    "Hello, Daniel hehe, ummm... So your coming to the party right?" I was still at shock of seeing him but I snapped out of it. He won't come I probably weirded him out too much. He chuckled and raised an eyebrow

      "Yeah, I am!" and then he have Barbara a smile and left to his car. His car... It was in my parking space.... Great. I hopped in the car and so did Barbara.

        "Thanks for saving my ass Barbara, oh your welcome" she said to me I rolled my eyes in response. "Okay thanks, whatever, but we need to stop at a party supply store to get the house ready." I said and Barbara bobbed her head happily.  

       When we got home it was around 5:42 ao we had plenty of time to decorate the house. I walked in to my spacious living room and got started. I pushed the couch to the corner in case anyone wanted to sit down. I brought out a table and set that out to the side while Barbara set it up with sodas. We laughed and laughed it was really the only time I actually wasn't thinking of either, my dreams, my parents or anything. I just enjoyed myself the best I could. I clumsily fell on my bum trying to put colorful lights on the lights. Barbara and I burst out laughing. Finally we were finished with everything and it was about 8:52.

       "Oh god look at the time we have to get dressed!" Barbara exclaimed. We went upstairs to my room, and I let hat borrow a silver dress that hugged her body perfectly, I took out my cocktail dress that was black and strapless and it had a little sparkle to it. We added accessories and curled our hair. We were ready around 9:35 at around 10 people started showing up. I danced a little with Barbara but I didn't see Daniel.

      Barbara noticed me and said " Perk up he's probably just stuck in traffick or whatever I know he'll come. I've seen the way he looks at you!" I really couldn't take her seriously she was partially drunk. I went over to get something to drink. Huh, someone made punch, but I think it mixed with all kinds of alcohol. I'm not much of a drinker... So I passed. I went outside to the pool area where ther was no one their. I could faintly hear the music from here. But the lights Barbara put up looked amazing. I sighed I knew Daniel wouldn't show up it doesn't seem like he actually liked me. Hm, silly girl he doesn't like you, I thought. I heard footsteps behind me, at first I thought it was Barbara coming to drunkenly try to cheer me up but it didn't sound like high heels.

       I turned around and I saw him. He was wearing a white T-shirt and some jeans but he made it seem like it was the latest trend. He wore some regular converses. I looked at his hair and it was back to normal, or at least I thought it was. It was shining blonde and cut right above his eyes. It was styled messily to the right and boy did he look good.

     As he came towards he chuckled a bit. "Hey Paris." he said "Sorry I'm a little late" he gestured to his hair.

      "Oh, um, no problem.." I said with a smile that I just couldn't hide from my face.

     "May I sit with you?" he asked. I smiled, he was being a gentleman. I giggled to myself "Yes you may." I said trying to sound all lady like. His face lighted up with a smile as he sat down.

       We sat in silence for a while but it was the kind of silence that was nice. Finally I broke the silence, "So, what made you decide to dye your hair back to normal?" i said casually.

      "Oh, it was supposed to be to blend in but I guess that didn't work out too well" he gestured to me. I blushed, i didn't think anyone noticed but me because I'm a weirdo and I dreamed of him.... "Oh hehe, I like it better that way I said standing up. I took my heels off which We're killing me. And restend my feet on the pool while I sat on the edge. The cool water felt nice.

        Soon Daniel joined me.

"So.." I said

"soo?" he asked.

"Well I'm bored and I really don't feel like going to the party it's way too packed." I said. "How about a swim?" he murmured into my ear.

      Which I would have shuddered but I was in the pool the next second. I spewed water out of my mouth and looked at Daniel. He had pushed me! I went with the oldest trick in the book. I looked at him with puppy eyed face and held my hand out so he could help me up. He grabbed my hand but he registered what I was doing, it was far too late because I had already pulled him in. He came back up and we laughed it off. I pushed some of my hair away so that I could see his green eyes. Which now had specks of blue in then. I sighed, he was dazzling to look at. A smile danced on his lips. His lips, they were so pink and plush and so... Kissable. Slowly he leaned in and his lips were so close to mine I could feel his breath on my lips. And then he gently kissed me. Which I returned hungrily, I wrapped my arms around his neck and I pulled him closer. I opened my mouth and he deepened the kiss. His tongue played with mine. His hands we're on my hips but it was in a passionate way. We, sadly, broke the kiss for air we were both breathing heavily. I allowed a sigh escape my lips. He was grinning now and he pulled me in for one fast kiss and helped me out of the pool. We couldn't help the smiles that were playing on our lips. He puled me close to his side and had his hands tightly around me. We headed through the door inside my kitchen we easily made our way upstairs and I went to go grab some towels. When I came back I had no idea what horror I was in for.

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