Lovely pain

17 year old Paris is a normal teenager, other than the fact that her parents ALWAYS travel. She practically lives alone. But when a new boy moves into town and into her science class, she can't help but feel attracted to him, whiched made her be annoyed by him. Walking around as if he owns the world. But is their a secret that will change how she sees the world? Will she believe or run?


5. Lunch

**paris's P.O.V***


I quickly got my books out and headed toward first period I couldn't let Barbara see me like this she'd do something crazy and try to set me up with him. I sighed out loud at the thought of Daniel. My classes seemed to zoom by and it was already lunch time. I grabbed a tray and waited in line by Barbara.

     "So... I was thinking about the partayyyy tonight and I thought we should invite Daniel." she spoke the last part quickly. I grabbed my Lunch and sat at table.

    " um.. Why would we do that?" i said looking away trying to hide my blush.

    "oh come on! I saw the way you looked at him!" she exclaimed. Oh no, she was trying to be match maker Barbara.

      "c'mon I'll invite him to sit with us right now!" she swiftly got out of her chair and went over by Daniel who was sitting a few tables behind us. Shoot! He hot up and walked to our table Barbara behind him. He had a smirk on his face when he saw me which made me blush and smile like an idiot.

    "Hey,Paris!" he said and just like that my breath got caught in my throat. "h-hey" was all I could manage luckily Barbara was to the rescue!

     " hey so we are havering this party at Paris' house wanna come?" she asked.

     " Yeah sure whatever" he said. And that was all it took to ruin it. I hated it when guys are so full of themselves. I just can't stand it. Great. We continued talking but every word that came out of his mouth sounded dumb. He was so full of himself. By the end of lunch he finally sensed something was wrong.

     "um, Paris? Is everything okay thier?" RIINNNG! Huh, saved by the bell, or so I thought.

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