Lovely pain

17 year old Paris is a normal teenager, other than the fact that her parents ALWAYS travel. She practically lives alone. But when a new boy moves into town and into her science class, she can't help but feel attracted to him, whiched made her be annoyed by him. Walking around as if he owns the world. But is their a secret that will change how she sees the world? Will she believe or run?


3. Him?

Paris's perspective**


            When we arrived to the parking lot, we had to practacly squish in the car into a spot because someone already took our usual spot, which was weird we practacly were given that spot. My parents had protected the school from being sued, so in return they gave me a fairly close parking spot. Their must have been a new student in town. as we got out we were greeted with our usual hello's. We have gotten our schedules over the summer by mail, so we went to our lockers which were, thankfully, not that far apart. I don't know what I'll do without Barbara. As I struggled to open my locker, the office doors opened, or more correctly slammed open. I jumped ten feet up in the air, the sudden outburst was enough to make Barbara yelp, and she was closest to the door. When the he came out, I had to bite my lip to keep from gasping. His hair was obviously died black but his face is what made me want to gasp. It was him.

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