Lovely pain

17 year old Paris is a normal teenager, other than the fact that her parents ALWAYS travel. She practically lives alone. But when a new boy moves into town and into her science class, she can't help but feel attracted to him, whiched made her be annoyed by him. Walking around as if he owns the world. But is their a secret that will change how she sees the world? Will she believe or run?


6. Art class

*** Paris's P.O.V****


               I quickly got out of my seat and left the lunchroom. At least my next class I would enjoy, art. I'd always loved art even when I was younger I loved it. I'm okay at it but I'm not as great as my teacher says so. I took long strides trying to get away from Daniel. But he seemed to pop out of nowhere behind me and frightened me to death. He chuckled. The guy had the nerve to chuckle! But even the chuckle made me blush. Gah! What's wrong with me!

         "I'm guessing you don't really like me?" he asked his rich velvety voice sounded almost hurt. I wanted to hug him and tell him otherwise- wait what just happened?

          "I have to get to class" I said and walked away. When I arrived I sat in my usual place in the middle wher my clean paint brushes and white canvases awaited me. I made my way to my place and got ready by getting some paint. When I returned I almost screamed, but instead I just let out a little yelp. Daniel was sitting right next to my spot. He heard me and turned his head. He gave me a breath takeing smile and went on talking to someone.

         As I got near I realized he was flirting with the biggest hoe in the school Angel, and trust me she is anything but. I could hear her giggling at at his comments to her paintings. I scowled at both of them and started my painting. I blocked out everything and began on my project. We wer supposed to draw something that reminded you of your childhood. So i decided to paint this old tree that me and my parents always used to go for pick-nicks and have the best time. I used to climb the tree by myself when my parents were traveling and enjoy the view.

       My painting got interrupted by Angel's anoying giggle.She was wearing a V neck so she tilted her chest ever so slightly and boom Daniel is hers, or so she thought. I looked over to Daniel expecting him to be drooling all over her, but he wasn't. Actually he was looking at my painting. His eye brows were pulled together as if concentrating on my painting. "What so you remember about that tree?" he asked. Angel and I gawked at him, why wasn't he drooling all over Angel? " Um... I just went their when I needed time to think." I told him. "Huh." was all he said and then he went back to his painting. For the first time I noticed his painting it was beautiful! It was a medow. And the skies were so blue they looked as if I could swim in it.

     "Wow.." I breathed "
     You like it?" he asked, his eyes shining as if my opinion mattered everything to him.

      " love it, it makes mine look like trash" I said. " oh please, mine can't compare to yours it's amazing!" and for once he didn't seem like the jerky Daniel he seemed like the Daniel from my dream.

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