A Bad Hunt

Inspired after finally getting round to watching Avatar XD It has a very clear Native American undertone to it...


1. A Bad Hunt

My fingers release the string, which in turn releases the arrow.

My shot is straight and true, hitting its intended target and the great beast slams to the ground in a cloud of dust from the dry ground.

Breathing in with a sense of gratitude I stand and walk towards my prey to mourn its passing and to thank it for the meat it shall provide me and my people.

“Although you are gone from this world, your death is not in vain- you will give sustenance to those who need it and give life to them…go now to the Spirit World in peace.”

My knife finds flesh and I place the buffalo’s heart on the ground; I speak final words of prayer and signal to the others to assist with the hulking body.

Each of them is wearing a broad grin on his face and they clasp arms with me in congratulations on my first successful hunt.

They all inspect my kill and voice their approval with a newly found respect lacing their words.

We stand and laugh with each other a while until the sun is almost set before heading back to the clan.

We all freeze suddenly as our trained ears pick up the rumbling of the ground and the heavy tread of several lots of hooves.

Spreading out, bows unslung we all take a low stance as we make for the hills.

Crawling on all fours up the hills, we peer carefully above the hilltops to identify the source of the sound…White Man!

An exchange of worried glances before a message of defiance is passed through eye contact and the first arrow is loosed upon the invading foreigners.

As the arrows victim falls dying from his horse our cries are all that can be heard in the Great Plains as we charge fearlessly towards the enemy- arrows flying all the while.

It takes the White Man several seconds to finally realize what is happening and by that time, several of them have fallen.

Eyes filled with a mixture of fear and fury glare at six Native Warriors charging towards them with a single, bloody intent.

Then the gunfire starts and I am struck with a hammer blow to the shoulder and stomach; doubling over, my bow slips from immediately limp fingers and I hit the dry soil hard on my back.

Blurred and teary eyes stare in disbelief at the sky and the screams and battle cries of my brothers ceases but a strange calm takes hold…

My brothers and I are on the way to join with the Great Spirit…we are to be at peace…

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