This is for the BIG poetry competition!!!

Her story is not one to be told easily.
She was extrodinary but wasn't really there.


1. She

Her attire was that of a mourning window and she was skinned with a coating of translucent ice.

Her eyes were those that appeared to stare not into his eyes but rather into that of a time before our own.

Her hair seemed to be the only contrast to the bleak winter day with the colour of cherries but also, strangely, seemed to blaze blue.

She was more than obviously a creature not known to most but spoke of by many.


Her fingertips were apparently invisible for the sense of touch but obviously there for the eyes to see for him and only him.

Her movement was so graceful that he barely knew she was there until he laid his eyes upon her and knew goodness.

Her comforting nature always made sure he was never alone- ever- in such a way that nowhere appeared to be the place of materialization.

She was there but not in the sense the majority of those consider as “there.” She existed but not entirely.


Her steps would be silently taken and practically indistinguishable for all so that she could be, with one step, in a far away place.

Her closeness would tease him so that they were nose to nose and she would simply walk straight through him which gave him such a strange sensation it was though he had touched death and life at the same instant.

Her icy feel would comfort him into a sense of security completely truthful in such a unified shift that it felt as though it moved the universe.

She could be seen one moment and the next instant he could only see the empty place in which he thought she stood.


Her features were so eternal and ageless that she looked as if she were an otherworldly princess trapped in a timeless warp.

Her beauty allowed him to question his ability to attain her in such a jealous malice that it threatened to kill.

Her individuality soon nursed his worries with the thought that he was the only one who could see her exquisiteness.

She was simply the reason for his life but she was not that of the living.  

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