A better life - One direction

My life is a mess. My only reason to be here, is my brother.
Oh, by the way. My name is Tracy Evans. My life isn't that exiting.
Well, at least I thought so..


8. Two months anniversary.


Chapter 8.

Niall's P.O.V:

I honestly haven't been so happy as I am now. It's Tracy. She makes me so happy, whenever she's around me. The way she laugh at my jokes, and whenever I complain about me being hungry. The way she blushes whenever I compliment her. The way her eyes is shining, when... Well. Always.

I don't know. Just her being her, is amazing. She's perfect. She's nothing like I've ever seen before. Nothing like I've ever knew before. I'm pretty sure I'm right when I say: I think I found my princess.

Tracy and I have been dating for almost 2 months now. And it's been the best two months in my life.

I wanted to do something nice for our two month anniversary, so I planned a little something.

We were in the car on our way to my surprise. I've covered Tracy's eyes up, so that she didn't figure the surprise out, cause I'm sure she would, if she saw were we were driving.

“Niaaaaaaall, are we there yet? I seriously can't stand this thing my eyes are covered with”

“Chill hon', we're almost there” I chuckled. She was so sweet and impatient. God dammit, I loved her... A lot.

“Okay baby, we're here. BUT DON'T LOOK YET. STAY WHERE YOU ARE!” I ordered her.

I rushed out of the car, and opened the door, helping her out.

I bent over and whispered into her ear “don't worry, I've got you”.
I felt her body tense, but then immediately relax again while goosebumps appeared on her skin.

I slowly led her to where I had planned us to be.

“Okay, I'm gonna take the bandage of now. You ready?” I said.

“Of course I am!”

I slowly un-tightened the cover, and let my arms drop by my sides, standing behind her, waiting for a respond. I'd planned us a picnic in the park where we first met. I'd laid out a blanket, and put a basket with a lot of food in it. I also added some flowers at the carpet.

“Niall...” she whispered.

“You don't like it? Don't worry, we'll find something else to do!” I felt totally stressed. She didn't like it.

“Niall, stop! It's amazing! I seriously love it!” she said kissing my cheek, embracing me in a big hug.

“Oh.. Thank god you like it” I said hugging her back - “Let's sit down, shall we?”

We sat down, and I started to get some food out of the basket. I made everything I could think of.

Sandwiches, strawberry’s with chocolate, a lot of fruit, a lot of candy, some orange juice, and so on.

The day was great. We laughed, talked, fed each other with strawberry’s, and just enjoyed each others presence.

The sky was getting dark, and I saw some stars had come out. I felt like this was the right time.

“Tracy, close your eyes” I said.
“Just do it, trust me”
She slowly closed her eyes, and I got what I wanted in my pocket, while she wasn't looking.

I got up and sat back down just in front of her.

“Okay, open them” I said

She opened her eyes, and looked at me confused, until she saw what I was holding.

“Oh my god, Niall!” she whined.

“Happy 2 months anniversary, babe”

I had bought her a silver promise ring, with a little pink heart on it. I put it on her middle finger, slowly. It fitted perfectly.

“I promise to be the perfect boyfriend for you, from now and forever. I promise I will honour you, and respect you at all times. I promise I will do anything for you to be happy. I promise I will love you forever and always” I said.

I saw the water begin to rise in her eyes.

“Baby. You ARE the perfect boyfriend to me. You already made me very happy. You are everything I need to be happy. Thank you so much, I can't explain how much this ring means to me” she said, while tears rolling down her cheeks. I grabbed her face, and pulled her into a kiss. And I think it was the best, most loving and passionate kiss we've ever shared.

We sat there in the park for another hour. I'd brought my guitar, so I played her a lot of songs. I even tried to learn her to play, and she already learned three cords.

But.. The time had flew by, and we decided to get back home. I packed everything up, and we drove of.

As we reached her doorstep, we stood there looking at each other, like always, as she suddenly kissed me. For a very long time. Oh god, I loved having her lips on mine.

“Stay the night” she said when she pulled away out of breath.

I simply just nodded, and followed her inside.
We walked upstairs slowly, making sure not to wake her brother up.

As we got inside her room, and closed the door, she started kissing me again. This time more hungrily. I felt my blood pressure fasten up, and my breathing got quicker. I got carried away, as I grabbed her waist and softly pushed her against the door, starting to kiss her neck.
I heard her moan, which only made me kiss her neck even more rough.

She grabbed the end of my shirt, and pulled it off. I felt her cold fingers slide slowly against my abs, sending shivers through my body.

“Baby.. Are you sure?” I asked her.

She hesitated a little before answering me with a kiss, ending up with her biting my bottom lip.

I lifted her of the ground, and threw her on the bed, while she unbuttoned my pants. I started ripping her clothes of, until we both laid there, naked. What a wonderful feeling, her warm body against mine. And what a wonderful way of ending a wonderful night.

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