A better life - One direction

My life is a mess. My only reason to be here, is my brother.
Oh, by the way. My name is Tracy Evans. My life isn't that exiting.
Well, at least I thought so..


11. OMG!


Chapter 11.

Tracy's P.O.V:

I spend the following days, weeks, hell almost a month in my bed. Crying. Thinking about him. Crying again. Looking at the picture of us at my night stand. Then crying, again. All the texts, all the Skype calls... They just didn't help. They didn't vanish the pain. I wanted him. I needed him. Right here, in my bed. I needed to feel his body against mine, while we were cuddling, like we used to. To feel his hands run trough my hair, when the mood got a little .. you know. To feel his steady breathing, and to hear his heartbeat when I was laying on his chest, almost drifting of to sleep. To feel his arms around my body, to feel his lips on mine... To feel... Him. Being right besides me. I felt so lonely. And I surely didn't feel save. I only felt save in his arms.

Right now, I was laying in my bed – again – just thinking of him. I was thinking about the day we first met. Oh, he looked so handsome. Standing there, asking me if he could join me. I wanted to go back in time and experience that again. I wanted to feel the butterflies in my tummy again, like I did when I first laid my eyes on him. The blond hair, the sweet smile and his gorgeous blue eyes, which made my heart skip a beat... To lay my eyes on all of that once more – I wanted it like nothing else.

I was suddenly interrupted in my thoughts, when I heard a beeping sound from my night stand.
I reached out to grab my phone, and opened the text.

' Hey my one true love. I was just looking through some pictures on my computer, and found the first one we had taken together. Remember that? The one that was on the news, that first time we went to Starbucks? I can't explain the feeling I get whenever I look at it. You look so beautiful, smiling and all. I wish I could see your beautiful smile in person, right now. I miss you so much – yours forever, Niall <3 xxx'

I felt the tears warm up the corner of my eyes, when I read that text. I immediately got my computer, and turned it on. I looked trough all my pictures, until I finally found it. The first picture of me and Niall. Just like he described in his text, I got that incredibly lovely feeling in my body, feeling that everything was good, and nothing bad could ever happen. Feeling happy. Feeling love. I was in love. With Niall. As I'd always been.

' Hey baby. I'm looking at the picture too. I miss you so damn much. I haven't been thinking of anything but you, since you left. I love you more than anything, and I always will. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. I really hope you know that. Text me tomorrow, when you've done that concert, okay? I love you. <3 <3 xx'

I laid my phone back on the night stand, and went downstairs to see if Kyle was home. I slowly walked down the stairs, and entered the kitchen, to find Kyle sitting on his usual spot, at the table.
“Hey sis. How are you feeling?” he kindly asked me, as he noticed me entering the room.
“Sad – and you?” I answered. I walked to the fridge to see if there was anything to eat.
I felt a strong hand on my shoulder turning me around, and suddenly I was embraced in a big bear hug. That kind of hug, that only your brother and father can give you. I felt the tears begin to take over, and it didn't last long, before Kyles shirt was soaking wet of my tears.

“Hey, shh.. Sis. It's okay. I know you miss him. But he'll be back, okay? And you'll see him soon.”
I simply just nodded. I had the most caring, loving brother in the whole world, and here I was, crying on his shirt, forgetting that he maybe would like to spend time with me. I mean, it wasn't like Niall and I broke up. I'd see him soon. I needed to care for something else right now, instead of wasting my time, crying. I needed to spend time with Kyle.

“Kyle, it's okay. I'm okay. I just miss him. But, it's fine” I said whipping away my tears.

He took my head in his hands, rubbing my cheeks with his thumbs and giving me that loving smile of his, that could only make me smile back.

“Good, sweety. Let's do something fun today, huh? You want to do something fun with your big brother?” He said in a cheeky tone.

“I would love to, Kylieeeeee” I said.

He chuckled a little. “Then go get some clothes on! And don't be to long!” he said, giving me a little puf in the back. I went upstairs to go get ready. I didn't know what we were doing, so I just put on some Levi's Denim shorts, and a white tank with a pink bandeau underneath. I put my hair up in a ponytail, grabbed my sunglasses, and then I was ready to go.

I went downstairs again, to find Kyle standing in the doorway, looking out.

“What are you looking at, bro?” I asked him.

“I don't know. Just looking. Thinking. It's a beautiful day. Come on, let's go enjoy it!” he said cheerfully.

“RACE YOU TO THE CAR!” I shouted, then sprinted off.

“NOT FAIR!” He yelled behind me. Of course, I won. I always do. I've always been faster than Kyle, ever since we were little. But that's another story.

“Alright so, I was thinking... How about we go to the amusement park? Huh? I know you love that!” Kyle asked. “Great! Let's do it!” I said, jumping a little in the seat. I did love amusement parks. I have always loved those. It's like a family thing to go there. Mum, Kyle and I always went there for mine and Kyle's birthdays. And it kinda just stayed as a family thing, even when my mum died.

Kyles P.O.V:

So, we were on our way to the amusement park, Trace and I. She had been sad a lot lately, because she missed Niall, so I thought I would find a way to cheer her up. And this always helped.

We arrived at the park, after 'bout 20 minutes. Eventhough it was a sunny Saturday, there weren't that many people there, as I thought there would be. So that's just great. Then we'd almost have it all to ourselves.

“I WANNA RIDE THE BIG ONE FIRST, KYLIE!” Tracy yelled in my face, with a childish voice, making me chuckle. “All right, all right! Let's go!” I said.

The line to the big rollercoaster was long. There were people everywhere. I normally wasn't claustrophobic, but for some reason, I got it at that point. But luckily, just before I was about to drag Tracy out of the line, a man said to us “Here you go, step on”. We sat down, and waited for the man to come check, if we had locked ourselves good enough.
“Kyle, are you okay? You look like a ghost!” Tracy suddenly asked, with concern in her eyes and voice. I didn't feel so good, actually. But I didn't wanna tell her. I was here to make her feel happy, so I wasn't gonna ruin it.

“No, I'm fine!” I tried to convince her. She didn't look like she believed it, but before she could say anything, the ride started. And it was the worst ride I had ever been on. I normally loved rollercoasters, but this time it was awful. Eventhough it actually was over real quick, it felt like it kept on driving for minutes, and minutes. When the ride finally ended, I felt so sick. I almost tripped down the stairs, 'cause of the black spots there was showing infront of my eyes.

When we got down, I asked Tracy to find a bench we could sit on for a while.

She quickly spotted one, and we sat down.
“Kyle, seriously! Are you okay? You use to love that ride! Are you sick? Let's go home”

“No, I'm fine! I'm serious! I just feel a little dizzy, it'll go away in a minute” I said.

And I was right. Seconds after, the dizziness disappeared.

“See, it's gone now. Shall we move on?” I asked, making a move to stand up. Tracy stood up before me, and slowly started to walk. I did the same.

Suddenly while we were walking, a stinging pain appeared in my chest. The last thing I remember was the pain I felt in my body when I hit the ground, and Tracy screaming “KYLE!” … Then everything went black.

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