A better life - One direction

My life is a mess. My only reason to be here, is my brother.
Oh, by the way. My name is Tracy Evans. My life isn't that exiting.
Well, at least I thought so..


7. A night walk.


Chapter 7.

Tracy's P.O.V:

That night, I couldn't sleep. He was all over my mind. Every time I tried to think about something else, the thought of him overruled every other thought. Well, who's to blame? He's amazing. Absolutely amazing.

I laid there smiling like an idiot, for what felt like hours. I let out a little sigh, and took my phone of the night stand, to check the time. 3:48am. Oh god. No sleep for me tonight.

Should I text him? Maybe he's awake too. No, he's probably sleeping safely. I kept staring at the screen, for minutes. I wanted to text him so bad. I wrote a lot of sweet words, but immediately deleted them again. I would seem like a stalker if I texted him at this time.

Just as I laid my phone down again, I felt it buzz.

I quickly got it up again, and opened the text.

'Hey babe. You asleep? Of course you are. It's almost 4am. Stupid I am'

My smile immediately grew. He's so sweet.

'Hi honey, no I'm not sleeping.. I can't for some weird reason.. Whatcha' doin?'

'Nothing much. Just out for a walk. Wanna join? I'm almost at your house xx'

'Yeah, sure. Be out in a sec. <3'

I got out of my bed and walked to my mirror. I was wearing a pair of blue and white striped night pants, and a white top. I pulled on a grey hoodie, and put my hair up into a messy bun. I slipped on my black converse, as the last thing.

I got out of my room very slowly, making sure not to wake Kyle.

I walked downstairs, and out of the front door. At the end of my driveway, a blond haired boy was standing, looking absolutely stunning. I don't know why I thought he did, I mean, all he was wearing was a pair of sweats and a hoodie, and his hair was all messed up. But he looked so attractive.

“Looking gooooooood” I said, as I got to were he was standing. “You too, baby”

He laid his arm around my shoulders, and we slowly started walking.

The streets were so nice and quiet. But also a little scary. But nut in a like 'OH MY GOD RUN' kindda way. They were just dark and … unfamiliar. And mysterious. It was nice. I liked it. I liked having Niall's arm around me, feeling him close. Feeling save. I liked hearing his voice, as he talked about things I didn't knew what was. Maybe because I didn't listen that carefully. I thought about how lucky I was to have found him. And how lucky I was, to be able to call this guy my own.

“How about a walk in the park?” he suggested.

“Sure” I simply said.

“You okay, love?” he suddenly sounded very worried.

“Yeah, of course. I'm just thinking”

“Of what, babe?” I could feel his grip on my shoulder tighten up.

“Of how lucky I am to have you” Oh no. Did I really just say that? I was just mean to think it, not say it.

“If anybody is lucky here, it's me. Tracy, you're the best thing that have ever happened to me. And I really mean that”

I felt a smile begin to grew on my lips, as I heard the words escape from his lips.

We'd stopped walking at that point, so now we were just standing there, staring at each other.

I put my hands on his neck, and slowly pulled him in for a loving, passionate kiss. Once again, I felt the chills run down my back.

“Thank you for making me happy again” I whispered in-between kisses.

I could feel him smile on my lips, which also made me smile.

We reached my front door once again.

“So... This is the last goodnight for to night” he said. I chuckled a little.

We stood there in silence for a few seconds, when I got an idea.

“Niall... Would you like to stay the night?”

His face suddenly lit up, like a child's face at Christmas.

“Really? You're sure?”
“Absolutely” I said.

I took his hand and let him inside, upstairs, and into my room.

He walked around a little, exploring my room, I guess.

In the meantime I pulled of my hoodie, and got my hair out of the bun.

I laid down in my bed, and watched every move, Niall made intensely.

He turned around, and walked to the bed, laying down next to me.

I laid my head on his chest, and he started to make circles with his finger, on my arm.

“Goodnight, baby” He said.

“Goodnight” I answered.

I hadn't felt so good and safe in a long time. Laying in his arms, made me feel wanted. I really wanted to stay there forever. I could feel Nialls breathing getting heavier, and soon after that, I had dosed of to a long, lovely, safe sleep as well.

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