A better life - One direction

My life is a mess. My only reason to be here, is my brother.
Oh, by the way. My name is Tracy Evans. My life isn't that exiting.
Well, at least I thought so..


1. What a cutie..

Tracy's P.O.V:

”NO MUUM!!!! PLEASE!” I kept shouting at her, but she wouldn't listen. It didn't change anything. She just stood there, smiling at me. One of those loving smiles, that would make all of my problems disappear. Just too see that smile one single time, could make my day. She slowly turned away, and started to walk slowly into the bright light. I kept on screaming and crying, but she didn't hear me. ”MUM!!!!!!”


I woke up with sweat dripping from my forehead, and my breathing was very heavy. I looked around, and realized that I was in my dark room, alone. Just as I was, when I fell asleep. I looked at the time, and it said 4:06am.

It was just another bad dream.


I woke up later that morning, by the sun shining through the window. I sat up in bed, and looked around. Everything was quite. I got out of bed, and slipped on some grey sweats, laying on the floor. I quickly put my hair up in a messy bun, and went downstairs. My brother, Kyle, was at the table in the kitchen.

“Morning sis” he moaned. “Morning” I smiled.

After my mums death Kyle was all I had. I've never met my dad, he left us before I was born, when Kyle was very young.


“Did you save me some breakfast?” I asked. “Yeah, of course. It's at the plate” he said pointing to the plate beside the stove. “Thanks Kylster”. I sat down across from him and ate. Kyle and I live here alone in this house. We've been alone for 3½ years now.

You would think that we were supposed to be living with some other family of ours, or even worse, set on a home for children without parents. But luckily, Kyle had just turned 18 when my mum passed away, so he was allowed to take care of me, the last years I needed it.

He's 21 now, and I'm 18. So, I guess I should be moving out soon.


“So, what are you doin' today?” I asked. He looked up from his morning newspaper. “ I don't really know. I think the mates are coming over, do you mind?”

My brother is very popular, and has always been. He's got friends everywhere he goes.

“No, it's fine. I think I'm going out anyway” I answered.

He nodded and smiled at me, and then looked back down at his newspaper.

I washed my dishes up, and went back upstairs.

I actually lied, when I said I was planning on going out. I mean, I was now, but I wasn't before. I've got nothing to do. So I guess I'll just go for a walk, and see what happens.

I got on some fresh clothes, and got my hair out of the bun. I then put on a tiny bit of make-up. I didn't like wearing much, it made me feel uncomfortable. So just a bit of mascara is good too me.

I threw on a pair of grey vans, and a white cardigan, and went downstairs.

“Kyyyle?” I shouted from the hallway. “Yeah, in here hon'” I walked into the living room, and found him sitting on the couch. “When are your friends coming over?” I asked him. “In about 10 minutes, they said.. Why?” “Oh nothing. But, I'll be going for a walk now. I won't be out long. I brought my phone” “All right, see you later”

And by that I walked out of the house, and down the street. It was a bit chillier and windy today, but it was still warm. As I walked, I passed a lot of beautiful flowers, trees, bushes and so.

There were kids playing around in the street, laughing. They made me smile. All this happiness around here. I wish I was a kid again. Then I there wouldn't exist problems.

I walked into the park, and sat down on a bench. The fountain had a relaxing effect on me. It made everything around me calm down. I love looking at it. It's so beautiful.

I've been thinking a lot lately. At my mother. Even though it's been more than 3 years since I lost her, it feels like it was yesterday. And I just miss her even more every day that passes.

My deep thoughts was suddenly interrupted by someone talking to me. “Can I sit here?” A manly voice asked. I looked up and met a pair of blue eyes staring back at me. He had blond hair, obviously died. He was cute. I must admit that. “No, go ahead” I smiled at him. He smiled back and sat down. “I'm Niall” He reached out his hand. I shook it and said “I'm Tracy” “Nice to meet you Tracy”. His smile was adorable.

He had the most attractive Irish accent. I don't know why I find that attractive but I definitely do now.

"Why are you here all by yourself?” He asked “Just needed some time off to.. You know, think and stuff. Besides, my brothers friends are all over my house, so I couldn't be alone there” I said with a little smile. “Oh, I see. Makes sense” He smiled back at me. “What about you?” I asked. “I don't know, actually. Just needed to be alone I guess” He looked at the fountain. “Oh, well. I can leave if you want?” I suddenly felt bad for sitting there talking with him, when he wanted to be alone. Even though he was the one coming up to my bench. “Oh no, please! You were here first! And.. I like to have a little company. Just not the ones I'm used to hang out with.. Not right now”.

I smiled at him and then looked at the fountain. There was a little silence between us.. Not an awkward one though, it was kind of nice.

“You live around here?” He broke the silence. “Yeah, just a couple of streets away” “Oh, me too!” He said. “That's great! I like it around here. It's so peaceful compared to other streets in London” “Yeah, definitely. There's a lot of rush here in London. But you're right, it's nice around here”

His accent make my ears melt. A-DOR-ABLE! I felt my phone buzz in my pocket, and got it up. “Oh sorry, it's my brother” I said. He just smiled and nodded, and I answered the phone.

“Hi Kyle” - “Hey darling, just wanted you to know, that the guys never showed up, and they texted me saying they were not gonna make it here today, so you feel save to come home” I giggled a little “Oh, I'm sorry to hear, you must be bored then” “I sure am. Wanna have some brother-sister time?” He sure is the best brother I could ask for. “Sure. I'll be home soon. See ya'” and by that I hung up.

I shoved my phone back in my pocket and looked back at Niall. “Everything okay?” He asked me. “Yeah, of course! My brothers friends never showed up at my house, so he's kindda bored. I agreed to some brother-sister time instead”

“It sounds like you've got a very caring brother” he said. I hesitated before answering. Before my mum passed away, we were constantly fighting. Like normal siblings. But I guess, being on our own made us closer. “I sure do” I said with a big smile. “I should probably get home, then. Don't want him to think I dumped him as well” I said. “Oh, sure” he sounded a little disappointed.

“Maybe we'll see each other again soon” I said to maybe cheer him up. Wait.. Why did he need to be cheered up? Right as I was about to leave he grabbed my hand and pulled me back. “WAIT! Uh... Uhm.. Ca-...Can I have your number?” He wants my number? Oh my god. Sweet thing.

“Yeah, of course you can” I said blushing a little. He handed me his phone, and I put my number in it and gave it back to him. “Here you go” “Thanks. I'll see you soon” I smiled and started to walk away. When I had walked a little, I turned around and waved at him. He waved back, and I bit my lip. I hope he didn't notice.

When I got home, my brother was still at the couch. He was watching a movie, and I decided to join. I snuggled up next to him, and we had a lovely time together. It's been a great day. In the middle of the movie, I felt my phone buzz. I opened the text and it said 'Hey. It was great meeting you today.. I was thinking.. Would you like to do something tomorrow? -Niall xx'

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