Sentences Game

Which path will it take? This is the sentence game. I am co-authoring this with someone else, and we are basically taking it in turns to write a few sentences, forming a story gradually. It will take some time to build up, but we hope you enjoy it! :D

*Btw, *L* means that Love2write is writing the next few sentences, and *E* means that ECSB is writing the next few sentences*


1. White Christmas...?

*L* The breeze hits me, suddenly, and my face frosts over, the coldness seeping into my skin, and the wind blowing my hair about wildly. I turn to see the front door slam behind me, and I'm left to face the wintery scene set out in front of me.

*E* I trudge along through the ankle deep snow covering the surrounding landscape, planting footsteps as I go. Delicate snowflakes settle on my head, my lips, my nose. I shiver as it freezes down to my fragile bones.

*L* Who knew winter would be here so soon, pushing autumn to the side, and uncovering blankets of thick snow, that we haven't recieved in years. I'd always longed for a White Christmas, though I've never been sure it will happen, but maybe, just maybe, this Christmas will be the one.

*E*  All the years before had repeated themselves. The same old boring decorations, same artificial Christmas tree, and most importantly- same family. I haven't seen my dad for so long now, Christmas used to be that special time where the whole family gathered together and learnt more about eachother and had fun together. It has never been the same without dad being there.

*L* Every year I'd send him a Christmas postcard, inviting him round for Roast dinner, but then I should have known he'd reply saying he couldn't come. He has his own family now, and I have mine. Done. No going back, no changing anything. He has chosen his life away from me, hoping it was for the better. And maybe it was better, for him, but certainly not for me. I've been dreading it ever since...

*E* Anyway, here I am now on my way down to the village to secretly buy some Christmas presents for my family. My feet meet the hard pavement where the busy shop-keepers have swept the street clear of snow...On my way back, I quickly slip into my favourite store to buy an extra gift, for my dad. Just in case, as I always do. Then I carry on back home.

*L* Wrapped in my many layers, I make my way back to the house, the gift's I purchased under one arm. The snow begins to get heavier, and I find I'm forcing my way through the snow, which the wind is directing to blow back in my face. The trees overhead sway in the breeze, and I decide I can't go on any longer than this - the wind is too strong - so I seat myself under one, watching the world go by ahead of me...

*E* Of everyone and everything passing by, one person catches my attention. The stranger paces torwards me, looking at me with his beautiful hazel eyes. He reaches my feet. "You look a bit cold. Are you?" He asks in a warm soothing tone. I blush and look down to my shaking knees. "No, actually I'm fine thank you" I say, still looking down. He comes to sit down next to me and hands me his coat.

*L* I take it, out of kindness, wrapping it around myself like I did with all my other layers. I watch as the snow, now heavier, continues to fall, pretty little snowflakes floating down. I smile, glad I've been able to experience this anyhow. Suddenly I feel something hit me, from my left side, the coldness of it seeping down into my skin, leaving a sharp, frozen pain in the middle of my cheek. I turn. Sure enough, the stranger's stood up, holding multiple snowballs in his hand. "What are you waiting for?" He yells, and I smile, pushing myself to my feet. I quickly brush off the snow that's placed on my coat, and then I'm off, running off into the snow, running off into the distance with no one but a stranger...


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