The Secret Garden

*For the Poetry Competition*


1. The Secret Garden

I walk down the pathway,

Past pretty flowers that grow,

Bumble bees that dance about,

Fresh green grass below.


Gnomes stand still and silent,

As I carry on walking by,

Delicate little butterflies,

Amongst the summer sky.


The secret garden ahead of this,

Waiting for someone like me,

To step inside the garden,

To fill the dim with glee.


But darkness falls too suddenly,

And rain begins to pour,

The thunder claps and lightning bolts,

The sun appears no more.


I stand with no umbrella,

Alone in the shivering cold,

But then I remember the secret,

The secret I was always told.


I rush back down the pathway,

Past the flower's bed,

Past the little butterflies,

Where everything seems dead.


I hold back my tears,

Unlock the secret gate,

Step a foot inside the garden,

Hoping it's not too late.


But everything is silent,

The garden: total mess,

The flowers are all drooping,

The insects all at rest.


I push away a tear,

And start on my way back,

Running down the pathway,

Down the cobbled track.


But suddenly it hits me,

The sun that now appears,

I turn around to see it,

And soon I stop the tears.


It gradually moves over,

Covering the garden's land,

And as it all changes,

I gasp, mouth to my hand.


The butterflies fly by again,

The bees 'buzz' I now hear,

The flowers living from the dead,

Summer is back here.













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