Notice Me?

Alice Chambers may seem like the luckiest girl in the world. Why? She works for One Direction! She also has a crush on the cute irish boy. The problem? He has the worst girlfriend ever. Read about howAlice trys to get Nial to otice her while there on vacation


5. The Plane Ride

I was going to kill Louis, I was really going to kill him. He gave me and Niall tickets so that we would be sitting next to eachother the wall time. Great. Lou kept falshing me a smile and a thumbs up. After an hour of silence between Niall and I, I looked at him and said "Okay this is super boring." Niall looked at me"Uh, yah" he agreed.

We were the only ones awake besides Lou, who was prentending to be listening to his Ipod. He falshed me another smile and thumbs up. I just rolled my eyes at him. "How about you tell me about yourself" Niall said while shifting his weight so he was facing me, I did the same thing.

We talked none stop about our favorite when a burning question came to me. "Do you love Melissa?" I blurted out. He looked down and I looked away. "Sorry" I mumbled. He looked back up. "Its fine, but uh i guess" he said. My heart was in so much pain when he said that. There was silence for a few minutes and i just stared out the window.

Then Niall said something that I would never have thought Id hear him say. "Do you like Louis?" he asked sounding a little sad. My head spun to looke at him. "No,but I love you" I wanted to say, but it just cam out as a no. "Oh" he said and everything went silent again.

I pulled out my Ipod and offered him one of the ear buds. He took it and smiled. I scrolled through my songs while he looked around the plane. I found the perfect sound, even though i would probably regret it later. I pressed play and "Better Then Revenge" by Taylor swift played.

Niall looked at me and i just stared at him while the lyrics explained the situation i was in. I looked out the window ans quietly sung along to the song. I could feel Niall staring at me. Im pretty sure that he finally got a clue as to why I never say anything when melissa is around. And i now know that i will never regret playing this song for him.

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