Notice Me?

Alice Chambers may seem like the luckiest girl in the world. Why? She works for One Direction! She also has a crush on the cute irish boy. The problem? He has the worst girlfriend ever. Read about howAlice trys to get Nial to otice her while there on vacation


10. The Boat Ride

"Alice....Alice" i heard a soft voice calling my name. I opened my eys to see Niall hovering over me, smiling. I smiled back up at him"Yes?" i aked and streched my arms up. "Guess what were doing today?" he said happily. I looked up at his stupid grin. "What?" i asked smiling. "Were going on a boat ride!" he said excititedly. My smile disapered. "Whats wrong?" he asked worried. "I cant swim" I replied embarassingly.

He looked at me confused. "You wont be getting in the water, silly" he said while pulling my arms to sit me up. "Now get ready!" he yelled happily and walked out the door. I sighed and got up to get ready.


We were all sitting on a the boat. Louis was steering, Liam Zayn Harry and Niall were joking around, while i sat nervously next to Melissa. Niall turned and smiled at me and i smiled back. Melissa noticed and got ticked off.

"What are you doing?!" she hissed at me but only loud enough for me to hear.I looked at her and and yelled back "Whats your problem?!" she got up and put her face right up to mine. "You are" she screamed.

Everyone turned just in time to see Melissa push me off the boat and into the water.

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