Notice Me?

Alice Chambers may seem like the luckiest girl in the world. Why? She works for One Direction! She also has a crush on the cute irish boy. The problem? He has the worst girlfriend ever. Read about howAlice trys to get Nial to otice her while there on vacation


11. Save Me

I screamed as i fell in. I heard Niall scream my name. I fell deep into the water and i opened my eyes and started moving my arms and kicking my legs, trying to get to the surface. I held my breathe and tryed to stay calm so i wouldnt lose to much air.

I heard something break through the water and turned. I saw the beautiful blonde boy swimming tawards me. My heart was racing at the thought of us both drowning. He swam up to me and took my face in his hands and put his lips to mine.

he breathed out, filling my lungs with air. He wrapped his arm around me and swam up.

We broke through the surface and we both started coughing. We were right next to the boat and Louis pulled me up and layed me down on the floor. I saw Niall being pulled up into the boat out of the corner of my eye.

My chest hurt and i was breathing heavily. Niall came into full view as he hovered over me. "Alice! Talk to me!" he screamed. He took my hand and squezed it.I smiled"Niall" i whispered. He let out a huge brethe of releif."You saved me" i said a little louder. He smiled to.

He picked up my head gently and put his legs under me and layed my head back down on his lap.

He started playing with my hair while Louis turned the boat around and back to shore.


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