Notice Me?

Alice Chambers may seem like the luckiest girl in the world. Why? She works for One Direction! She also has a crush on the cute irish boy. The problem? He has the worst girlfriend ever. Read about howAlice trys to get Nial to otice her while there on vacation


9. Later That Night

After Louis left i went to look in the mirror. Below my eye my skin was already turning black and blue. I groaned when there was a knock at the door. Shoot. Who ever it was was going to see my stupid eye. I went to the door and slowly opened it.

Niall was standing there. Damn it. I opened the door all the way and looked at him. His eyes widened when he saw my eye, wiping the smile that was on his face. I stepted to the side and told him to come in. I shut the door and turned around. He was standing right infront of me.

I tried to look down but he wouldnt let me. He put his hand under my chin and lifted up my head so I was looking at him. "What happened" he said slowly. I had to lie "I ran into a pole" I said. He obviously didnt believe but he could tell i didnt want to talk about it and he dropped the topic.

We both sat down on my bed. "So, what brings you here?" i asked gesturing around the room. Niall chuckled a little. "Well Melissa left to do stuff and i got bored." he said and smiled. I smiled back and pulled a confused face. "Well what wold you like to do?" i asked. He shrugged and i looked around the room trying to find something.

 I got up and walked over to the labtop sitting on the desk. I sat in the chair and beckoned Niall to come over. He smiled, got up, and plopped down on my lap. "If you want to sit in the chair then get up!" i yelled. He got up an so did I. He sat in the chair and i went to go get another one.

but he pulled me by my waist and i sat down on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me and put his chin on my shoulder. I smiled and looked at him, he smiled back. I then opened up youtube and searched a song. "The Harold Song" by Ke$ha started to play.

Niall laughed. I looked at him and started to sing along to the song, making facial expression. Niall started laughing at me. Then Niall just started to listen to me sing. When the song was over he looked right into my eyes. "Can you sing another song for me?" he pleaded.

My cheecks started to burn as he searched a song. He chose "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri and pressed play. He then layed his head on my shoulder and hugged me. I sang along to the song as he stayed quiet and listened.

I was blushing like crazy. Niall looked up at me and i looked down at him. The lyrics were saying everything i wanted to say to him. I was in a trance as i looked into his eyes and sang. Then the song ended and we were still looking into eachothers eyes.

"You have a beautiful voice" he whispered. We kept staring into eachothers eyes. "Not as good as yours" i replied. now our faces were inches away from eachother. He smiled a little and said "Dont tell Melissa" then he crashed his lips to mine.

A spark when through my whole body. He put his hands around my waist and i put my hands to the back of his next. We broke apart and smiled. "I have to go" he whispered and i got up. He got up and walked out the door. When the door closed I had another, one man dance party.


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