Yeah. Man's best fried friend.....sorry friend. Dog's don't actually get that much time to chillax as yo dudes say it! Wazzup bro? Anyway, Hubert does. He lives in Hawaii , where he is livi'n it bro! But then, his billionaire owners go...... I'm not going to tell you! Read and find out!


1. Sunglasses


Hubert slowly and painfully turned onto his back. He had been lying in the hammock all day, and he hated when he got a text message. He waited in the heat of the sun, which was blasting down on to the beaches. Which were a nice, soft, creamy colour.

At last, the screen came over. The screen projected the following message:

Welcome to RobCo Message reciver!

Please stand by...

After a couple of seconds, the login screen came on.

Please enter password

Hubert barked a series of notes, and then (at last!)

Welcome Hubert!User ID: #1

Message recived at 13:39 today.

Hi hubert wanna like hang abut on ring beach todai?

 C U Soon

Marteyz and Lu

Hubert sighed. He turned round and jumped off his hammock. He walked past the glasser rooms and then he saw the big, giant, metal, 2m long, luxury....FIND OUT IN THE NEXT CHAPTER XD




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