Vampire Academy: Aftermath-Extras

These are scenes of Abe/Janine (because I'm in love with those two at the minute) that have only been suggested or mentioned in Vampire Academy: Aftermath. Vampire Academy and all its characters belong to Richelle Mead, btu the plot of Vampire Acacdemy: Aftermath and this movella belong to me.


4. The Proposal Scene

(Last of all, the proposal scene. This is happeneing at the same time as Dimitri is proposing to Rose. Enjoy!)


"Janine, can I speak to you for a minute?" Abe whispered in her ear. She looked up at him and nodded.

"Sure," she said, standing up. He wrapped an arm around her waist again and guided her towards the cover of the shrub opposite the one Rose and Dimitri had disappeared behind. Mentally, he crossed his fingers. There was no reason for her to think he was doing this for Rose or anyone else, there was no one pressuring him to marry her, so she wouldn't think that, and Moroi men usually had flings or short relationships with Dhampirs then left, not had a child with them, married them, then left. He hoped his race's reputation wouldn't preceed him.


"What did you want to say?" Janine asked, her voice calm and happy as they strolled along. He stepped away from her, looking confused and hurt. Guilt flashed through him, guilt that he'd made her feel like that. But it was thrown to the side as he feel to one knee, whipping the little black box out of his trouser pocket. Her eyes widened. She had to be dreaming. She'd dreamt of this so long, and dreams like that, fairytales, just don't come true when you're a guardian.

"Will you marry me?" but it wasn't a dream. He actually said those words. He watched with a smile as she let out a gasp at the ring. She gave a slow nod, still stunned.

"Yes, yes a hundred times..." she told him, pulling him into a passionate kiss the moment he stood up. He kissed her back, over the moon.

"I'm so glad. I was so worried."

"Why were you worried?" she quizzed him, puzzled.

"I thought you might say no because I was a Moroi man and because Moroi men have a reputation for leaving," he sighed. She let her hand trace his jaw as she said,

"I know you're not like them. But you're not alone. I have worries too. Like how I'm going to be able to cope if I barely get to see you."

"Be my guardian," he blurted out. She looked a little surprised at the suggestion, but a smile spread over her face. God, he'd do anything to see that smile every day.



"Yes. I'll be your guardian," she said. And nothing more came out of her mouth, as he silenced her with a kiss. A kiss to seal their fate as Moroi and Dhampir, Charge and Guardian, and most importantly, Husband and Wife.

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