Vampire Academy: Aftermath-Extras

These are scenes of Abe/Janine (because I'm in love with those two at the minute) that have only been suggested or mentioned in Vampire Academy: Aftermath. Vampire Academy and all its characters belong to Richelle Mead, btu the plot of Vampire Acacdemy: Aftermath and this movella belong to me.


3. The Prison Cell Scene

(This is a scene in the Strigoi prison where Abe is struggling with starvation and thirst of both kinds and Janine helps him. Hinted in the book.)


His eyes were ringed with dark circles. His face was sunken and he looked like he'd not slept for days. He'd slept-she'd watched him-and even if it had been troubled, it wasn't too little. No, Janine recognized these symptoms-starvation. They'd fed the Dhampirs a bare minimum of two slices of bread and water a day, but they managed. She'd be fed four because the Strigoi who wanted her to 'be his whore' dished out the food. And the Moroi blood. They were fed a small amount once a day. Some of the more pampered royals would be complaining, but the others were coping. However, Abe decided he didn't like the little devil and wanted to make sure he knew it. So he mouthed off at him. A lot. The result? The Strigoi gave nothing to Abe and took it for himself. But Abe stood by his decision. Wasn't she supposed to be the stubborn one? One night, when the others slept, she gently woke him from his shallow state of slumber. He looked over at her questioningly. She withdrew her arm and shifted her position in her cell so she sat with her back partly to Abe, and her neck exposed to him. It took him a moment to figure out what she was trying to do. He shook his head promptly.

"No," he whispered firmly. She turned her head a little and sighed.

"Ibrahim, please. I don't want you to die..."

"I won't. I'm stronger than that. Besides, I don't regret my choice."

"You're not invincible. I think I pretty much proved that when we got captured."

He gave her a thoughtful look then finally gave in. He reached forward and allowed his fangs to pierce her skin. She gasped in pain, but it subsided to a light moan as the endorphins kicked in. He didn't take much, but it was enough to bring him almost back to life, in a sense. The colour returned to his cheeks. Well, as much as a Moroi had. He pressed his hand to the wound and slipped an arm around her waist through the bars.

"I'm sorry. I love you," he whispered, as a fiery heart shape formed in his hands.

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