Vampire Academy: Aftermath-Extras

These are scenes of Abe/Janine (because I'm in love with those two at the minute) that have only been suggested or mentioned in Vampire Academy: Aftermath. Vampire Academy and all its characters belong to Richelle Mead, btu the plot of Vampire Acacdemy: Aftermath and this movella belong to me.


2. The Escape And Kidnap Scene & The Truck Scene

(The first scene in this chapter is medium/long sized one where Janine and Abe escape the clinic at the time of the Strigoi attack on Court and get kidnapped by them. The second scene is a very small peek into their journey to the Strigoi prison afterwards. Enjoy! :) )


"I'm just going out to get an injured guardian in one of the accomadation blocks," the doctor informed Janine and Abe before leaving through the doorway. Janine sighed irritably, clenching her jaw.

"What is it?" he asked, a hand of concern on her arm.

"People are dying out there! I want to get out and fight!" she hissed. He drew back, surprised, and she immediately felt guilty. "Sorry. It's's my duty. I have to do it."

"I know, I know," he sighed, moving away a little and casting a glance up at the ceiling. "But you're weak. We both are. We have no defenses, we could get ourselves killed. Think about Rose," he said. She felt anger and despair flair up inside her at the way he had tried to convince her to stay here, and at the fact that she might just get killed if she went out there. And it'd kill more than her, it'd kill other people-emotionally. He was right. From the look in his eyes, she could see he was having the same conflict. He didn't want to sit by and watch innocent people die like all those other Moroi, but he recognized the foolishness of doing the opposite and the pain that could be caused by it. He was exhausted from his previous use of magic and she had injuries all over. Sure, they had a stake, but how far would it get them?

"Please," she begged, giving him a pleading look. He could see it in her eyes; she wanted this badly. She couldn't be helpless. Reluctantly, he nodded, making a silent prayer that everything would be alright.


He watched one way, she watched the other, as they waited before a building to catch stray Strigoi. He wouldn't let her join the main fight, but she wasn't that stupid. Even what they were doing now was dangerous. As if to prove his point, he heard a grunt beside him as she wrestled with her target. He tried to sneak a peek at her, to check everything was alright, when he heard a yelp and spun around, all plans flying out the window. And there she was, gripped in the arms of a much stronger, much taller, much healthier Strigoi. He glowered down at Abe, his arm wrapped around Janine's neck, digging his nails into her skin, barely thirty centimetres from her neck. Blood seeped from new and old wounds and her stake lay on the floor out of her reach. He could reach it...but he wasn't that stupid. It'd mean exposing his neck.


"Don't move, or she dies," Abe froze. ", maybe I'll turn her. Quite strong without these hinderances you call wounds," the Strigoi nodded in something that seemed like approval. Abe's only movements were to breath. "Wait. No, no... This one will do wonderfully for a little blood whore toy, don't you think, Moroi?" the Strigoi smirked. Abe's features hardened. No, this was not happening... "I said, don't you think?" he repeated, tightening the pale arm around Janine's neck, but not enough to restrict her breathing. "I mean, we'll have to move her somewhere other that prison, and it'll take a while, but this one will be mine," he snarled. She cast an uncharacteristically frightened glance at Abe. Just then, something seized him from behind. "Ah, my colleague's here."

"Looks like we hit the jackpot. A pretty dhampir and a Moroi," cackled his 'colleague'.

"Don't touch her," Abe growled, trying to summon something, anything, fire-related. Nothing. The Strigoi were laughing, a cold and empty sort of laugh.

"We've got a couple as well. Oh, how much fun this is going to be..." commented the first Strigoi. Before Abe could scream 'stop', he'd slammed Janine against the wall. The sight of her pale, bloodied, limp body in the Strigoi's careless arms made his heart constrict, but his protests were drowned out as his own world went black.


(This is the second scene I mentioned earlier.)


A muffled mumble came from beside Abe. He turned, relief flooding through him as he saw the terrifyingly pale body beside him stir. He wrapped an arm around her, pulling her to him. Her tears fell silently onto his shirt, her blood dripping onto his skin. But he didn't care. She was alive.

"It hurts, Ibrahim," she cried as her limbs lost the ability to sustain her weight.

"Shh," he whispered, gently stroking the hair on the top of her head, kissing her forehead ever-so-slightly. "I won't let them hurt you anymore. I swear."

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