Just Another Day

Bailee and her friend Aubree Went to meet the boys (One direction) at a meet and greet. But, little did they know they would be seeing alot more of them.. In person.


7. The phone call

Aubree's P.O.V

Harry has the cutest smile.  People have always asked me who Was my favorite of the band.  I always thought a true directioner Loved them all.  I always replied with, I don't have a favorite. I love them all.. But secretly, I always liked Harry a bit more than the others.  Finally Bailee's mom answered.  I heard naill "Hey Bailee's mom this is Niall Horan for One direction..Yes Hello Cheryl.. I called to ask if your beautiful daughter and her friend could hangout with us today until late afternoon tomorrow?.. Please?.. okay, Thanks! we will take great care of them... Bye!" he hung up.  Bailee and I smiled, Knowing we could stay.  Then we remembered, We had nothing to wear to bed, or for tomorrow! And we only had about ten bucks left. 

Niall's P.O.V

Bailee was so beautiful.  I could tell from her Profile picture on twitter that she was amazingly pretty.  I looked at all of her tweets, alot were to me! I'm suprised I didn't notice her until now, and thank god I did! "Hello? Niall! snap out of it!" oh! "Whoops, sorry Harry, Anyway.. Do you girls want to go chill at Harrys bungalow with us?" "Well, We have no clothes to wear, And we live a few hours away.." Bailee said with a dissapointed look on her face. Harry quickly said " Well, I could lend Aubree Some sweats and a t-shirt.." " Yeah!, and if you don't mind Bailee, I would love to see how my nando's t-shirt looks on you!" I said.  Boy! I cannot believe I just thought of that! 


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