Just Another Day

Bailee and her friend Aubree Went to meet the boys (One direction) at a meet and greet. But, little did they know they would be seeing alot more of them.. In person.


5. the line

Aubree's P.O.V

"This line is super long Bailee.. I don't know if this was such a good idea.. Getting here late." "Oh don't worry Aub! It will definetly be worth it! now come on, They are going to close the line off!" We were last! I was really nervous.  I hadn't broughten anything for the boys.  Neither had Bailee.  We just brought two plain white tee's for them to sign. 

Bailee's P.O.V

"OMG! Aubree! Harry and Naill are going for a potty break!" "POTTY BREAK?! Bahaha! Oh, look they are coming this way!" "Hey Harry, See that blonde?" Naill said pointing, "Do you think the boys would be okay if she stayed with us after we meet them?" "I don't mind! as long as I get the red head standing next to her." Harry said with a wink. They got into the car and drove to the nearest bathroom, so they wouldn't get malled I'm assuming. "A-Aubree? Did you just.. Just hear that?" "Oh my god.. Am I dreaming?"

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