Just Another Day

Bailee and her friend Aubree Went to meet the boys (One direction) at a meet and greet. But, little did they know they would be seeing alot more of them.. In person.


2. The car ride

Bailee's P.O.V

I picked Aubree up at about 11:56AM.  I went and knocked on the door right as Julie, Aubree's mom opened the door.  " Hey Bailee, Aubree will be down in a couple minutes.. Would you like to come in?"  "sure!" Their house is lovely. Aubree has 1 sister Krya, And two adopted brothers, Tommy and James. Aubree Came down a couple minutes later.  "Looking good!" I said.  " Oh, I just threw it on!" she winked.  " Ready to go? " She said, grabbing her bag.  " Born ready! " We laughed and Hopped in the car.

Aubree's P.O.V

We got in the car and took off.  It was a three hour drive.. But I didn't mind after all, We get to meet One direction! Bailee told me that we should get there a little later so we could be last and not rushed.. so maybe we would get a little more time to talk to them.  I thought it was a great idea!  We stopped at Mcdonalds and Got some iced tea. We both love tea.. we like it better hot but, you get what you get. I can't beleive we get to meet One direction!




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