Just Another Day

Bailee and her friend Aubree Went to meet the boys (One direction) at a meet and greet. But, little did they know they would be seeing alot more of them.. In person.


3. pittstop

Bailee's P.O.V

We stopped at a gas station about 6 miles before we arrived.  We both went to the bathroom.  While I was waiting for Aubree to finish, I pulled out my Iphone.  I got on twitter and tweeted " @niallOfficial can't wait to meet you, as well as others!<3 #excited ". After Aub was finished we got back in the car, and Drove off.

Aubree's P.O.V

I saw Bailee's phone light up and she asked if I could get it for her.  I told her that she had gotten a reply to one of her tweets on twitter.  She pulled over! why did she do that?!

Bailee's P.O.V

Could it be?! NIALL HORAN RETWEETEING ME?! From @NiallOfficial:"@truefanof1D22 Can't wait to see you too! Maybe we can hang afterwords?;) xxx" "OMG! Aubree, are you seeing this?!" "YES!"



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