Just Another Day

Bailee and her friend Aubree Went to meet the boys (One direction) at a meet and greet. But, little did they know they would be seeing alot more of them.. In person.


6. Meeting the boys

Aubree's P.O.V

WOW!  Did Harry really just call dibs on me? And did Niall REALLY just ask Harry if we could hangout after this? As we get closer.. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna puke. AUBREE! Pull yourself togather. They hate it when fans are like this! Oh my.. Three more people away from meeting louis, Then Liam, Then Zayn, Then Harry, Then Niall. And the best part is.. The securaity said we could talk as long as we want.. On a special request.. I think we know who asked.

Bailee's P.O.V

When we first saw the boys, Louis was sitting down drinking some water, when he saw Aubree and I he put the waterbottle and yelled " Hey Niall! I see someone speeeecciaaalll!" With a wink. Niall replied with " Louis! c'mon.. Put the mirror down!" harry gave him a high five saying " Good one Blondie." I gave louis a hug and he signed my shirt. Same as Aubree. She was behind me.  We then saw Liam.  I told him I had one thing to say to him.. He looked confused saying "what?" I wispered in his ear " Mybox is Bigger than yours" and gave him a hug.  He chuckled as he signed my shirt.  Aubree asked how he was doing and he said he couldn't be any better. Next was Zayn.  I told Zayn that I liked his hair and he said thanks as he signed my shirt.  Aubree told Zayn He looked lovely today and he said you aren't looking to bad yourself with a wink.  These boys liked to wink.. Flirty huh? I got to say hi to Harry.  I tried to say more but Aubree nudged me, indecating that if I said something like I said to Zayn, I was dead meat. I said thanks for signing my shirt.. Then to Naill.  For some reason, I got butterflies.  I said hey Niall! I saw on twitter that you replied to my tweet earlier.. Thanks a bunch! it made my ride down here much better. he quickly got up, and gave me a Horan hug. The most loving, soft, warm hug you will ever get in your life.  He wispered in my ear, I knew it was you.  He sat back down and signed my shirt.  As I looked over, I saw Aubree and Harry making googly eyes at eachother.  How cute!  Niall got up and walked to the end of the table.  What is he doing?! He walked up to us and gave each of us a hug, Harry Laim Louis and Zayn quickly followed.  Niall said "Ahh, Much better, that table was getting in the way, wasn't it?" I smiled and Aubree giggled.  Harry soon shot her a look with a smile.  He loved girls that giggled.  Naill asked if we wanted to hangout, Maybe stay with them till the late afternoon the next day? I told him we could definetly stay with them today, But we would have to call my mom and ask.  He said okay and just stood there.. I got kind of confused, he wasn't talking.. He said " What are you waiting for love? Call her up! Oh, Can I ask her?" I said sure, and dailed the number and gave him the phone.   

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