Just Another Day

Bailee and her friend Aubree Went to meet the boys (One direction) at a meet and greet. But, little did they know they would be seeing alot more of them.. In person.


1. Getting ready

Bailee woke up.  She was so excited! today, she got to meet Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall!  It was around 10:30AM and she had to leave by noon!  She got out of bed, and Quickly grabbed her phone.  She called her friend Aubree.  "Hey, are you ready for the most amazing day of your life?!" She said.  Aubree replied, "No, not at all Bailee!  We are just going to meet One direction!" Bailee loved Aubree's sarcasm.  "What are you going to wear?" Bailee asked.  " Well, It looks pretty hot out. I think I might wear my Jean shorts and My One direction tee." Aubree said.  Bailee knew what she was going to wear. Her White shorts, With a tee she bought online.  It had nothing to do with One direction.. Well Liam sometimes tweeted about Mybox Tee's. She finally caved in and bought one. " Well, I'm going to start getting ready! pick you up around noon. Bye!" she hung up.

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