Olympic Rings.

OLYMPICS FAN FIC. seeing as the olympics and paralympics are on home turf, I decided to do a small fan fic on someone whos dreams are shattered.


1. Training.

"IN OUT! IN OUT!" A coach was screaming on the banks of the Beijing Olympics rowing center. My breath was caught as I watched their tender but firm strokes through the water, and without knowng my arms swung to a forth as well. I was just 10 but I already knew what I wanted, HAD, to do. As my light brown hair swung slowly in the breeze, I leapt out of my seat, and shouted "THANK YOU FOR BEING AN INSPIRATION!" The rowers looked at me and grinned, and people stared strangely at me. The man who was presenting the medals stopped and thought. he was obviously about to get something to eat when he heard me shouting. He was an English ambassador obviously and I heard him say, "by gum! I've got it! the phrase that represents the Olympics next time will be Inspire A Generation." I started laughing, and people around me did too. When we got back to good old Scotland after being in Beijing, I begged my dad to find me a coach. I had to row! When he said no, I was heartbroken. "Lizzie, you'll only be 14. I can't let you." "But Tom Daly is only 14! He got to compete in these Olympics!" I was sick sick sick of not being allowed to do what I wanted for once. But he wont stop me. I'm going "coach hunting" tomorrow :D hahahaha dad you can't stop me!

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