Just Some Fans (one direction)

Charley and Hannah have been camping over night for a one direction signing, when charley loses her phone she quickly gets pushed to the back she goes home disappointed. The next day Hannah answers the phone to some familiar voices claiming to have Charleys phone.


3. What To Expect When Your Not Expecting

We arrived a few minutes late it, Karen had already started singing, her voice like a angel soft and delicate. The boys bought us all coffee we sat and drank in awe, the show came to a end and Karen joined us. She sat next to Liam who welcomed her with a friendly hug we left the coffee shop and went back to the tour bus but this time Karen joined us. A short time after we started moving again Niall announced our next "surprise"..."NANDOS!" Niall yelled a bit to loud well laughed and guessed Niall picked this one on his own.

We ordered our food me and the girls shared a chicken platter , Niall had one to himself and the rest had wraps. we finished our food and had to wait about 10 minutes before getting back on the bus due to some fans spotted us and wanted autographs and pictures, it felt weird being on the other end of this , I used to be the one waiting to have pictures and autographs or just a glimpse of the boys. After they had finished we saw them stand there and stare mine and Hannah's way we looked round and noticed Lauren,Kayley and Karen next to us it was obvious they were looking at them because you know me and Hannah are just some fans, but I was proven wrong. "OH MY GOD" one of the directioners shouted we all once again looked round but when we turned back they were pointing at us they noticed we wasn't anything special just like them but we were with the boys. We sprinted back  to the tour bus with the directioners closely behind until we turned a corner and jumped on the bus we sat down and laughed. I thought the directioners were going to attack me with a carrot or something.

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