Just Some Fans (one direction)

Charley and Hannah have been camping over night for a one direction signing, when charley loses her phone she quickly gets pushed to the back she goes home disappointed. The next day Hannah answers the phone to some familiar voices claiming to have Charleys phone.


5. The Phone Call

It was like driving to nowhere we was ages and still hadn't stopped for any "Surprises" we was all quite due to us being tired and out of nowhere a loud sound came out of Louis pocket *oh oh oooh cos its a sta...* it was my phone, i managed to see the caller ID as Louis shot up, it was my mum. Louis gave a quick nod towards Lauren who also shot up and on her way up took the phone from Louis hand,Lauren answered the phone within seconds of holding it *Hi you have reached Lauren I am currently in the process of abducting your child and her best friend* she carried on speaking and let out a few laughs here and there during the call showing my mum couldn't care less I was gone. Lauren put the phone down and didn't say a word about what had been discussed. "Are me and Hannah going home now or what because its getting dark outside so im guessing its late?!?" I asked worriedly still thinking of what my mum could of said to Lauren to make her laugh. "Stop asking questions and go get some sleep today has been long and so is tomorrow"Harry replied, his answer sharp and quick it was as if i was getting yelled at by my mum, I didn't argue.

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