Just Some Fans (one direction)

Charley and Hannah have been camping over night for a one direction signing, when charley loses her phone she quickly gets pushed to the back she goes home disappointed. The next day Hannah answers the phone to some familiar voices claiming to have Charleys phone.


7. The Final Chapter

We returned to the bus hand in hand,we walked in and saw we was just in time for dinner. Lauren starred at Louis he gave her a quick nod, was that what they were talking about the other day?It must of been because i heard a high pitched squeal it was Lauren she came bounding up to us arms wide open it was the beginning of another group hug. everyone let go after a while and turned back towards the table but Kayley as on top of a chair and announced "Our new One Direction couple Louis&Charley!" Everyone clapped and cheered after we  all laughed I didn't know what else to do. We finished dinner and everyone crowded around me even Hannah was there something else i had to be told? I was once again confused by what was happening."We now present to you...." I waited expecting Liam to continue his sentence everyone who I looked at wanted to laugh i turned to Liam but his face was still serious. "you present to me..." I still didn't know what to say, was i meant to be laughing? Liam's dramatic pause had finished "We present to you your phone" I was so happy I had my phone back I went straight onto Twitter and saw i had loads of mentions and interactions i scrolled down many of the mentions saying your one lucky directioner or how did you get with Louis your only a fan. Well that's what I thought that's all I am nothing special , how can so much change over a few days?

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