Just Some Fans (one direction)

Charley and Hannah have been camping over night for a one direction signing, when charley loses her phone she quickly gets pushed to the back she goes home disappointed. The next day Hannah answers the phone to some familiar voices claiming to have Charleys phone.


6. Not A Dream,But Reality

I woke up the next day around 12, the bus was silent ,i got out of bed and had a look around to see if anyone was here, it was just me i found a note on the side from Liam *Gone to shop Niall ate all our food be back soon* I decided to go back to bed. 10 minutes later the door flung open followed by Niall yelling "Were home! Did you miss us?" I couldn't help but laugh I got up out of bed and got dragged into a group hug. The door then shut and the bus began to move once again.

Kayley went into the drivers bit and didn't return for about 5 minutes she came back with a big smile (like a Cheshire cat) "were going shopping!" she danced around the room until he tripped and coincidentally fell into Niall's arms, he laughed and kissed her on the lips,Harry pulled Lauren in for a kiss Zayn done the same for Iesha, Liam went up to Karen for a friendly hug. Me,Louis and Hannah sat there and watched as if we were forever alone . We went to the shops, Lauren,Kayley and Karen went around and kept buying stuff me and Hannah said we liked, in the end we had to be quite other wise we would of bought the whole shopping center. I felt bad having them buy us all this stuff and not having money to pay them back but they didn't seem to care. We finished our shopping trip and got on the bus where Harry cooked us some dinner, while Harry was cooking we were all banned from entering his "zone". Louis pulled me outside the bus an whispered "I need to tell you something come with me quick" his words were fast i barely understood but nodded and followed. We ended up at the park we sat down and both looked up to the stars. "So what do you need to tell me?" I asked patiently not knowing what to expect, Louis stayed quiet. I felt something touch my hand i looked down and saw that it was Louis, he was holding my hand neither of us said a word for a minute until Louis broke the silence. "I have been holding in something for a while and you need to know what that something is" was this a joke no way did Louis feel the same way I did about him! "since the day you got on the bus with Hannah well..." this was a dream this cant be real let alone happening can it? "I have been meaning to tell you that..." His gonna say it i need to wake up otherwise im not going to be able to look at him when i do wake up. "to tell you that I love you." This wasn't a dream this was real i could feel tears go down my cheeks, I couldn't help but cry. Louis must of heard me and pulled me into his chest and hugged me.

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