Just Some Fans (one direction)

Charley and Hannah have been camping over night for a one direction signing, when charley loses her phone she quickly gets pushed to the back she goes home disappointed. The next day Hannah answers the phone to some familiar voices claiming to have Charleys phone.


1. This Wasn't Part Of The Plan

I woke to the sound of what seemed to be over 500 fans screaming behind me, it must be time I thought to my self I nudged my friend hannah to wake her up we had been camping outside all night so we could make sure we was at the front. I brush my hair and put my 1D hoodie on as it's quite cold. Hannah finally wakes up I throw my brush and her hoodie at her so she can do the same. Me and Hannah have known each other since nursery and have grown to like and share everything.

The screaming stopped It was as if someone had died, One Direction had arrived, out came Zayn followed by Liam then by Louis then Harry with his girlfriend and Niall with his. Me and Hannah got our books,posters and some of our merch out to be signed. The band and the 2 girlfriends walked past and I was pretty sure I saw Louis smile at me. It came to our turn when I noticed I dropped my phone I looked every where some other directioners helped the rest pushed past as time went on me and Hannah was pretty much the last people heir t was hopeless they would never notice us now we left I still hadn't found my phone. We went back to mine and read some Fan Fics we laughed at some and cried at others.
A few hours later......

The phone rang I sent Hannah to go answer it she put the phone down all most instantly "it was a prank,some of the boys pretending to be one direction" she laughed and say back down the phone rang again it was the same "prank call" I stayed on the phone longer I heard a loud laugh in the back ground I didn't sound like a boy I stayed on the phone "hey it's Lauren you should know me by know I'm Harry's girlfriend might have seen me in some magazines or something well we have your phone and the boys want you to come and get it so then you can meet as they went on your twitter on your phone and read that you didn't get to see them at the signing" her voice was bubbly and friendly I didn't know what to do I stood silent for what must of been 5 minutes when all of a sudden a more of a loud calming voice appeared " so we will see you tomorrow err will be outside yours at 12 bye!!" 
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