Ashes Spray

Entry for the BIG Poetry Competition


1. Ashes Spray

Your fingers curl around my waist,

We start a dance so soft and slow.

Tell me you’ll never let me go,

There is still time, there is no haste.


Our feet grow weary, I must say,

The heat is rising in the room

Your face is pale, just like the moon,

We’re dying soon, we die today.


Our final dance, so soft, so slow,

Seems endless in the mist of time.

I’m reckless, I forgot my line,

You’ll never hear, you’ll never know.


We shatter from the ankles up

And glistening our bodies shine,

Two butterflies upon a shrine

Our eyes are closed, our heartbeats stop.


Now I remember but can’t say!

You are so far and so am I...

‘I love you’ I still try to cry.

As sparkles fall, they turn to grey,

And ashes spray,

And ashes spray.

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