Private ! Cece's Diary :)

A 16 year old teenager decided to create a new friend ; a private journal. She expresses emotions, feelings and secrets such teenagers have.


1. Preface


Hey you,   So, this is a private journal..a spontanious journal. In here I will write all the thoughts which I think about randomly but are private ( I wouldn't feel comfortable talking these things to a close friend or family or everyone .... but still x! I want this to be something private and secretive.   I started this diary a bit late since it would have made more sense if I started it on New Year, but that's me :) I've decided to start a journal because no one can understand my feelings and I really don't like sharing them to anyone. I hate judgemental people ! "Sometimes it feels good when feelings, emotions and secrets are spilled," my guidance teacher said and so I am spilling everything to you.   This will not be a normal daily journal. I write when I feel like and what rubbish I like or feel like writing.   Please don't judge me  Good night   CeCe Luv  xoxo
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