Private ! Cece's Diary :)

A 16 year old teenager decided to create a new friend ; a private journal. She expresses emotions, feelings and secrets such teenagers have.


4. 26th August 2012


Well today I am feeling ok ; couldn't feel better actually. I am pretty tranquil , thinking about nothing and no one. Yesterday I got a rabbit which I called Quaver. I guess it is a present for doing well in exams :)

The sun is shining and for once so is my life. I think I actually made a new friend Carmela.She is German and we agree a lot. She is a year older.


Now I feel calm but my mind started reflecting. I desperately want to see N! I haven't seen him since last June that is for 3 months which is quite long. I miss him ; his face and his stare.



It was a very close one. My brother noticed that I was in love with N. OMG!!! I tried to take it off his mind and it worked till now. It is so so true but I am not going to confess it to nobody for now. I really miss him.


Today was tiring; the next whole week will be tiring, long and probably it would take long to pass since I am waiting for an acceptance to a new school. *


Got to go to piano lesson. Bye for now


* YAAYYYYY! I was accepted to the best one .... Apparently I had such high grades that they called me and wanted me to accept immediately.


Gd night- Cece Luv xxxx

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